Song, by Toad Records Launch Party

Song, by Toad Records Launch

Yes indeed it is finally that time, and we are about ready to kick off Song, by Toad Records.  Click on the flyer (right) for more details.

Basically we’re going to have a silly great party at the Meridian in Leith (basically head down towards the Foot of the Walk, and it’s on the left in that run of low red buildings) and I’ve invited some of my favourite bands to join in the fun.  I’m also going to be giving away about twenty or thirty free Song, by Toad compilations to the first arrivals, with sampler tracks from our own label as well as hopefully some contributions from Toad pals like Bear Scotland and Fife Kills.  Basically, it will be a bloody good CD, and I’ll do a nice cover for it too.

Celebrity Chimp are coming up from London, partly because Andy is also in Nightjar, which will be our first release.  Meursault are playing because a/ they’re fucking brilliant and b/ we’re looking to do a 7″ release with them later in the year.  And last but not least The Byrons are playing because, erm, well just because they’re fantastic really.

We’ve got the bar until 1am too, so there’ll be plenty of good music.  I’m going to try and steer clear of moaning indie rock too, however cutting edge, and ask a good friend of mine to make a Motown compilation, I’m going to ask my old mate JC from The Vinyl Villain to put together a rarities and oddities compilation, and there’ll be some good old circus mayhem music as well.  We may even get sensible later in the night and play some normal party music, but I kind of doubt that somehow.  Where’s the fun in that, eh?

So pass this on to your friends and please do come down and support us on the 14th.  It’s going to be tremendous fun, and I can’t wait to see the Chimps live.

Celebrity Chimp – Swingers
Meursault – The Dirt & the Roots
The Byrons – Azerbaijan