Taman Shud, Filth Spector and Jungfrau

A good friend of mine once got into the habit of describing music as ‘dead dense, dead droney, a bit psychey’ so often that every time he recommended a band we would instinctively ask him ‘What’s it like then? Dead dense? Dead droney? A bit psychey?’

He’d be sniggering at me more than a little when I introduce Taman Shud for what is I think their first Edinburgh show on Friday at Henry’s as ‘a sort of heavy, droney, dense psyche rock’. It is, though.

It may even have a bit of metal in there too, but I am not really enough of a metal listener to know if that’s quite right. It is intense though. And heavy. And fucking brilliant.

It’s a bit of trivia but Taman Shud played on that first EP that catapulted the Fat White Family into the public consciousness last year, but I personally knew the name from my friend Anthony who books for Corsica and Baba Yaga’s Hut down in London.  For whatever reason, however, I only decided to seek it out and have a listen when Tash from the band showed up in our house tour managing another band earlier in the year.

This stuff is generally too screamy for me, but for whatever reason I absolutely loved this on the very first listen, and I’ve not changed my mind since. It’s just massive, euphoric and raging. The album Viper Smoke is ace, and I strongly urge you to buy one – you will not regret it.

Anyhow, as I said, they are playing Henry’s Cellar Bar on Friday 23rd October for our next BAD FUN night, and will be joined by local lot Filth Spector who are perhaps slightly bluesier and a bit less doomy, but still hatched from a rather similar heavy psyche egg, as well as touring pals Jungfrau from Brighton.

It’s going to be loud and intense, but fuck me I am looking forward to this one.