The Savings and Loan House Gig

Yes, finally, we have managed to coax the Savings and Loan’s debut album out of the bastards, and will be proudly releasing it at the very beginning of December this year.

I thought this was the band’s first ever gig, but the promiscuous fuckers have just informed me that it’s only their first in five years, not quite their actual first, so it won’t be as special a night as I first thought.  Not bad though.

The Savings and Loan is Andrew Bush, formerly of Chemikal Underground favourites De Rosa amongst other things, and a friend of mine, Martin Donnelly.  I think it was maybe three or more years ago, back when the blog was in its relative infancy, when I received an envelope at the door containing a single CD and not a word of explanation.  Very few people even had my address at that point, so I was a little suspicious, but what gave the game away was that Martin credited his girlfriend with the cover photo.  He only used her surname, but that name is distinctive enough that I was finally able to guess where the package had come from.

The EP they included was absolutely gorgeous (see the review I wrote at the time) and Martin and I shared a good couple of pints round the pub when Song, by Toad Records was a mere glint in my eye and pain in my wife’s arse, so in a sense this was supposed to be one of the first things we ever released.

Andrew and Martin decided however, once we really finalised plans to release the EP, that they wanted to take the start they had made and flesh it out into a full album.  Whoever says that the album format is dead certainly hasn’t let many bands know.  Anyhow, they’ve been poking away at this project for almost two years now, and now it is finally finished.

Compared to the EP there are a couple of the original tracks, a couple of re-recordings and a couple of new ones, so the lucky few who have actually heard and loved it will not be disappointed.  And for those of you who know nothing at all about the band, I think you are going to be in for a treat.

As per usual with house gigs it will be BYOB, and all the money will go straight to the bands.  It helps us enormously with planning if you buy tickets in advance as the place just isn’t that big, and this ticket link should be live any minute now.

Swallows is one of the songs which has been re-recorded for the new album, and I can’t really let any of that out of the bag just yet, so here’s a taster from that first EP for now.

The Savings and Loan – Swallows (Demo Version)