Tuesday 26th November 2013: Charles Latham House Gig

Mr. Charles Latham made his name amongst the Edinburgh underground music community when first Withered Hand and, for a while, Meursault began to regularly cover his tune Hard On, to the extent that the song actually ended up on Withered Hand’s debut album, Good News.

It wasn’t until about a year ago, however, that he actually had his first chance to come over here and tour and so of course we did our best to snag a Toad Session with him, which you can find here. He didn’t actually play Hard On, but we got four fantastic songs recorded, and he seems to have enjoyed our house so much he’s volunteered to come back in a couple of weeks and play a house gig with us.

So, on Tuesday November 26th, swing by and see Charles Latham and a mystery guest play at Toad Hall for the princely sum of £5, all of which goes straight to the artist. You can thank me later! And remember that our house only takes about thirty to thirty-five people, so be quick if you want to be guaranteed entry.

Sold out now, sorry.