Two Moments of Brilliance Left – The May 2015 Avalanche of Gigs is Nearly Over

rope-unraveling-300x113 I have to confess that by the time I looked at the finalised version of my May gig calendar I kind of knew it was going to be like this. Chaos. One gig after another and little time for the blog or the label. I’ve tried to keep both on track of course, but it’s been the absolute bare minimum in both cases, because this month was all about the twenty-seven bands I was going to be putting on over the course of the thirty-one days of May. You may scoff, but I am not a professional promoter, and it has been a shitload of fun, but heavy going nevertheless.

And it isn’t fucking over either, because this week we have the last two shows of our hectic May schedule, and then I am never putting another gig on ever again as long as I live. Or at least until late June when we have Songdog coming to Edinburgh.

TOMORROW, FREE at the Paradise Palms on Bristo Square: Strop (formerly Froth), Psychic Soviest and alansmithee.

The last night of our fantastic run of free shows at the Paradise Palms showcasing the very best new Scottish guitar bands. The first three shows have been incredible and this will be no different. All the bands are raucous, kind of messy and incredibly fun to watch. All three are also on a new 12″ vinyl compilation we’ll be releasing in the Autumn, which I have just about finalised and which is sounding fucking brilliant.

Also, try the Ninja Buns at the Paradise Palms because they’re bloody ace.

FRIDAY: £5 at Henry’s Cellar Bar: Rob St. John, Eerie Idles and Elara Caluna.

Rob is back with a full band for the first time in ages, and this is brilliant news. There’s something so recklessly brooding about them when they really get going, which is a real counterpoint to how lovely Rob’s music can be when he wants to dial it back a bit.

The rest of the lineup can probably at best be described as a little elusive. Eerie Idles only exist at all because we asked Pablo from My Kappa Roots to play and this is what he came up with. I think it’s just one of those occasions when you just have to shrug your shoulders, accept that fuck it, he’s a talented wee bastard and let’s see what the fuck he comes out with.

And finally, Elara Caluna are simply a new Glasgow band about whom I know very little indeed, but who still sound really promising. There are only wee bits here and there on the internet, but those bits are good, and they’ve been on bills with some good bands in Glasgow too, so I am most excited to see them.

Sucker Punch this weekend in Glasgow.

This weekend sees the fabulous Gold Flake Paint celebrating its fifth birthday by hosting Sucker Punch at the Glad Café on the Southside. It’s a fantastic lineup across every single day, and on Saturday Rob St. John and Supermoon (Neil from Meursault’s new thing) will both be on the bill, so if your chief interest is Toad stuff (ha!) then that’s the day to be there.

Honestly though, the whole fucking lineup is absolutely fantastic, so don’t fuck about, just go along to the whole thing.