Who the Fuck are the Wolf Crystal Ghost Toads?

 As you may have noticed, there is a somewhat mysterious band on the bill for this Friday’s BAD FUN gig at Henderson’s at St. John’s called the Ghost Crystal Wolf Toads, or something like that.  Who the fuck are this lot, you might be asking.  Well I shall tell you.

Firstly, they are very much not the Crystal Bear Ghost Toads, for starters.  In fact, we don’t know what they’re called yet, that’s just a smart-arsed placeholder name which I figured would do for putting on the posters for BAD FUN.

What they also aren’t, but what would be closer to the truth, would be Cold Seeds 2. For those unfamiliar with the record, Cold Seeds is an improvised collaborative record we made a couple of years ago with Neil and Pete from Meursault, Frances from Animal Magic Tricks and Kenny from King Creosote.

They all sang songs the others had written and improvised the instrumentation.  Neil and Frances spent ages fiddling with dictaphones and strange noises, and the result is one of the oddest and most beautiful records we’ve ever released – and you can get one here on vinyl or CD, if you fancy.

Anyhow, it was such an interesting way to make music that we thought we’d give it another go, just with a slightly different mix of people this time.  So this week in Toad Hall we are sort of recording Cold Seeds 2, although given that title came from one of Frances’ lyrics on the original record we can’t really call it that.  And given the different folk involved, it may well sound totally, totally different from the first one.

So basically, we have Jill O’ Sullivan from Sparrow and the Workshop, Neil Pennycook and Pete Harvey from Meursault, Rory Sutherland from Broken Records, Reuben Taylor from James Yorkston and the Athletes and Rob St. John from, er, Rob St. John* involved.  They’re all bringing along some songs to work on, and at the end of the week we’ll just see what we have.

The whole point of Cold Seeds, for me at least, was to experiment, to improvise, to share music around and get people out of their comfort zones, rather than to expect this, that or the other to happen.  So there are no real prescriptions for what this album will sound like – it will just be the result of a bunch of creative people spending a few days in our house, drinking gin and making music. And hopefully it will be awesome.

And on Friday they will be playing a (possibly quite ramshackle) set of some of the things they’ve been working on at Song, by Toad’s second BAD FUN gig at Henderson’s at St. John’s, with Viking Moses and Woodpecker Wooliams.  There will be excellent beer, and DJs until 1am, in one of the finest spaces in Edinburgh.  Hope to see you there.

*Alright, alright, Rob St. John from eagleowl, Meursault and The Rob St. John Experience, how about that instead?