Yusuf’s Album Launch Gigs Sorted (at Last)

Only one bit of Song, by Toad Records news this week, and it is that we have finally managed to find a home for Yusuf Azak’s album launch gigs this week.  We booked a three-date tour of Scotland with Ethan Ash, with whom he has been on a joint tour (if you’re from Inverness, St. Andrews or Dundee, I did try, it just didn’t work out, sorry), only for two of the venues to close down within a week of the posters going out and the Facebook thingy going up.

The collapse of the Edinburgh University Settlement and the subsequent loss of the Roxy Art House has been much discussed already, but Gambetta in Glasgow also shut down on us, and had somehow lost our booking so they didn’t even get in touch to let us know.  Had it not been for Yusuf hearing talk on the grapevine and checking it out, we could conceivably have all turned up there on Friday night to find a locked venue and no clue about what was going on.

Anyhow, after all sorts of fuss, and places like Tchai Ovna rather annoyingly neglecting to even answer their emails, we have two new venues sorted and can, erm, I suppose ‘re-announce’ the tour dates for the coming weekend:

Thursday 25th November 2010: Cellar 35, Aberdeen, with Amber Wilson.

Amber is a singer songwriter who generally plays solo acoustic, but played her first ever full band set at the Meursault gig at the Beach Ballroom last month.

Amber Wilson – Love Will Tear us Apart (Joy Division)

Friday 26th November 2010: The Winchester Club, Glasgow, with Jonnie Common.

Jonnie Common is one of those creative sorts who always seem to have about three different albums on the immediate horizon.  I know of three at the moment, at least, and this is from one of them.

Jonnie Common – Photosynth

Saturday 27th November 2010: The St. Stephen’s Centre, Edinburgh, with The Japanese War Effort.

Jamie from the Japanese War Effort is actually playing an acoustic set, so as a preview I thought his Fresh Air Session would be most fitting.  His recorded material tends to sound a bit more like this. The St. Stephens Centre itself is actually underneath the main church (see Google Maps link above, and main post image), so go left past the main entrance, and there’s a door just past the main stair.  We’ll try and make it really obvious if we can!

The Japanese War Effort – Lanark (Live on Fresh Air Radio)

So there you go, finally organised.  The St. Stephens Centre in particular looks rather interesting, but honestly I am just grateful we managed to find venues at all, given it was a last minute job, at this time of year, and we needed weekend slots too.  Anyway, as you can probably tell, these gigs haven’t had the easiest of times, so we’d really appreciate anyone making the effort to come along and see the bands.