Toadcast #247 – The Ivorycast

The Ivorycast centres, not altogether surprisingly, on the piano. I remember being mocked at school by someone (a fucking idiot) I knew for swithering on whether the piano or the violin was my favourite instrument in pop music.  She was adamant that the obvious and only answer to that question was the guitar, but then she also liked Lenny Kravitz, so I think that her opinion can be utterly disregarded on principle.

Anyhow, there’s not much old music on this one, which I suppose there could easily have been.  Instead, there’s a few very new things, a few things from about five years ago, some stuff from about ten years ago and a couple of tunes from the early nineties.

Also, it’s not supposed to be exhaustive, definitive nor indeed at all academic.  This is just a bunch of songs I like with a lot of piano on them, not a verbal essay on the history and importance of piano music!

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01. The Divine Comedy – Geronimo (00.26)
02. Billy Joel – Piano Man (04.00)
03. Hem – Leave Me Here (12.30)
04. Grandaddy – Underneath the Weeping Willow (16.36)
05. Glacis – Spring/Summer (21.36)
06. Mavis the Dog – Council For The Queen (26.29)
07. Yusuf Azak – Swim (30.04)
08. The National – Fake Empire (35.51)
09. Sufjan Stevens – Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois (39.19)
10. White Rabbits – While We Go Dancing (42.37)
11. Geoffnet – The Little Parisian Music Box (50.12)
12. Ben Folds Five – Mess (51.49)
13. Tom Waits – Innocent When You Dream (78) (58.22)