Toadcast #268 – The Schoolcast

posttag Welcome to The Schoolcast wherein I acknowledge a few of the people who have educated my music taste more than most.  Without a Musical Big Brother figure in my life I have relied on a motley crew of people from all over to get me into music to which I might otherwise never have been exposed, and the process continues today of course.

For someone who is an accidentally self-appointed arbiter of taste* I actually know relatively little about music, and particularly the history of pop music. I don’t know much Neil Young, for example, I don’t know much Pink Floyd, I don’t know much Dinosaur Jr. or Guided By Voices, or even Can – and those are just the ones for which I have been directly chided.

Anyhow, I am making inroads into some of this ignorance, and it’s actually a shitload of fun, as you can imagine. As with last week’s Neil Young write-up, I think I’ll start covering some of these records on the blog a bit more often, as I think the blend of brand new stuff and older music will work really nicely. Enjoy!

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01. Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine (00.22)
02. Lee Noble – December (08.46)
03. Jake McKelvie & the Countertops – Oh the Ghost (13.57)
04. Neil Young – Southern Man (20.29)
05. Thirty Pounds of Bone – The Maritime Line (29.04)
06. Pearl Jam – Dissident (35.29)
07. The Raincoats – Don’t Be Mean (43.09)
08. Yo La Tengo – Big Day Coming (47.09)
09. Cherokee Red – Mythomania (55.50)
10. Columboid – Juicy Mode (1.00.57)

*When I started a blog, I just wanted to write down some stuff about music. I never really imagined people would take that to mean I thought of myself as a ‘tastemaker’**, which I most definitely do not.
**What a fucking horrible term that is, eh. Let us never speak of it again.