Toadcast #274 – The Palecast


As the run of dates gets into full swing, I figured The Palecast was a tediously inevitable name for a podcast but for all the predictability, I honestly couldn’t come up with anything else, sorry. Although I hope I’m not being too annoying about it (and I’m beginning to suspect that I am), I do take the opportunity to plug this week’s Pale Imitation Festival gigs, but there’s other stuff too.

There is the by-now-mandatory song from the car, picked from whatever tape I happen to be listening to a little too much at the moment. In this case it’s Texarkana from REM’s far-from-classic early nineties album Out of Time. It may not be a classic, but there are some really good tunes on there, mostly on the second side, and it’s been fun to hear them again for the first time in ages.

Then we have a couple of new unsigned bands for you, and someone else’s selections from my vinyl collection. Job’s a good ‘un.

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01. R.E.M. – Texarkana (00.22)
02. Deathcats – Danny Dyer (07.07)
03. Tangles – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (11.49)
04. Plastic Animals – Pizarnik (15.59)
05. Le Thug – Of Europe (Arc 1993) (23.50)
06. Wozniak – New Hampshire (31.35)
07. Rad Stewart – Arabesque Bedouin (38.11)
08. Calexico – Sunken Waltz (45.02)
09. Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall (47.34)
10. Sparrow and the Workshop – Autumn to Winter (54.23)