38 Tim the Mute & Kim Gray

Tim the Mute and Kim Gray came over from Vancouver to tour in late Autumn and early Winter of 2016 and played a show for us at The Happiness Hotel on the 27th November. We managed to make time to squeeze in a wee Toad Session beforehand.

Tim runs the fantastic label Kingfisher Bluez and has become a good friend and musical ally over the years, partly because I love a lot of the music he releases, partly because I like how he goes about his business, and partly because he is just a lovely guy.

He’s been over to play shows for us a couple of times now, co-released the first Adam Stafford record we did a few years back, and this year brought his friend Kim Gray with him on tour. They played a fantastic house gig at The Happiness Hotel and we recorded this session beforehand.

As usual, Mario Cruzado made the fantastic videos, with help from Jennifer Baker.



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01. Tim the Mute – When You Love Someone More Than They Love You (Toad Session) (00.21)
02. The Blue Nile – Saturday Night (09.22)
03. It’s Immaterial – New Brighton (05.42)
04. Kim Gray – No Moonlight (Toad Session) (29.59)
05. Allison Crutchfield – Dean’s Room (36.47)
06. Marlene Moore – 24 Hour Drugstore (41.05)
07. Tim the Mute – Twenty-Two (Toad Session) (49.09)
08. Foon Yap – Fun Machine (58.02)
09. Trips and Falls – And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants (1.00.49)
10. Kim Gray – P.I.G. (Toad Session) (1.11.21)

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