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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th November 2012

 So, I’m back from Preston safe and sound, and looking forward to a wee jaunt to London for the Independent Label Market this weekend. It’s all go, here at Toad Hall.

Personally, I am not going to be in Edinburgh that much at all this week, and am popping through to Glasgow to see Sparrow and the Workshop at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on Wednesday

Also, as Christmas approaches, and everycunt (yes, including Song, by Toad Records) seems to be arranging a Christmas party these days, I think calendars are about to start getting pretty full pretty quickly. This week is still a relatively relaxed affair, however, although the first of the Christmas Parties does show itself, with the awesome Papi Falso happening at Henry’s on Saturday.

As for gigs, however, well there’s a few knocking about. Chad Valley may be a bit too house for me, but I bet there are a good few of you out there pleased to know he’s playing at Sneaky Pete’s tomorrow night.

Again, it’s not my bag, but Tift Merritt (tonight) and Karine Polwart (Friday) are both at the Queen’s Hall this week, although they are perhaps respectively a touch country and a touch trad folk for my taste.

We have the Cancel the Astronauts album launch party at the Electric Circus on Friday, if you’re after a pure indiepop fix, and then two nights of raucous fun at the Wee Red Bar on the weekend. First up, on Saturday there is a four-band bill of Some Skeletons, A Fight You Can’t Win, Black International and Birdhead, and then on Sunday the Lovely Eggs are back in Edinburgh.


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 16th May 2011

For those of you who missed this week’s podcast (and if you did, then shame on you indeed) then you will know that Mrs. Toad and I went down to London for the weekend to visit some old school friends.  It was a little odd.  The couples with kids asked the married couples about marriage and the couples who were married asked the ones with kids about kids, but none of the couples who were married were the ones with the kids.  If only any of our gay pals had been there we’d probably have been able to engineer the final downfall of Old-fashioned Family Values (TM) all by ourselves.

Anyhow, we had a great time, but it can be a little tiring meeting people at lunch, then other people for dinner, and drinking all the way through both.  Mrs. Toad has already taken to her bed wailing about illness, and I doubt I will be putting in much of a shift once my daily tasks are over.

We have our next Ides of Toad gig on Saturday though, and I think that is the first exciting thing I am obliged to do this week, so there will be plenty of taking it easy I suspect. I may even start a new book.  Oooh, you can just feel the rock ‘n’ roll oozing from my pores can you not.

Friday 20th May 2011: This is Music 5th birthday celebrations at Sneaky Pete’s.

I find it amazing to think that This is Music is now five years old.  In promoter years – loosely similar to dog years – that is a hell of a long time, and I tip my hat to Jim and Tallah who are doing the work these days, as well as pals like HP, who only recently quite the team.  To celebrate their figuratively greying hairs they are hosting two nights, one on Friday at Sneaky Pete’s where Chad Valley will be making an appearance, and one the following week at Cabaret Voltaire with Penguins Kill Polar Bears.

Saturday 21st May 2011: Jonnie Common, Kill the CaptainsEnfant Bastard at the Wee Red Bar.

Jonnie Common has a new album on the way, which I can promise you is completely brilliant.  The video below is for Photosynth, the first single, and one of my all-time favourite songs of Jonnie’s.  Kill the Captains are on Armellodie Records through in Glasgow and when Johny Lamb recorded his Thirty Pounds of Bone Toad Session a couple of months ago he described them as a/ awesome and b/ face-meltingly loud, which sounds very promising indeed. And as for Enfant Bastard, well Cammy has been adding depth and beats to his chiptunes recently, and the whole thing sounds really good.  It might be the last time we see him perform for a wee while too. Tickets for this event can be had here for a fiver.