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Pale Imitation Festival Half Time Oranges

Pale Imitation 2015 digiflyer

Hello folks. Well we are back from Romania, not entirely in jail although it was close, and not entirely burned to a crisp either, although Mrs. Toad was rather in danger of entirely melting on one or two occasions. Go here for the full story – you just have to scroll down a bit.

Anyhow, we return to the second half of the Pale Imitation Festival and there are some absolutely brilliant gigs still to come in our very own celebration of local Scottish music in the heart of the (over-priced, imported rubbish of the) Fringe.

Tomorrow we have eagleowl, on Saturday we have Adam Stafford (whose new album is fucking amazing, by the way) and then next week it’s the Supermoon show at Summerhall and the Night School Records show with Happy Meals and then the closing party. So many good bands. So much beer to drink.

And my mum’s here, so erm, so many disappointed stares to withstand.

All tickets here.

Remaining shows:

Thursday 20th – eagleowl, Now Wakes the Sea, Faith Eliott

Saturday 22nd – Adam Stafford, Wolf, Tryptamines

Thursday 27th (at Summerhall) – Supermoon & Rob St. John

Saturday 29th – Happy Meals, Apostille, Clip Art


Pale Imitation Festival 2015

Pale Imitation 2015 digiflyer

Hello folks, it’s well past time to announce the third annual Pale Imitation Festival. Remember T on the Fringe? The Edge Festival? Retreat? Well this isn’t nearly as good as any of those. But this is Edinburgh, where fun and culture are strongly frowned upon, so we are just going to have to make do.

All tickets, including the super-bargainacious season ticket, which gets you into all gigs, can be bought here, unless you just want individual tickets to see Supermoon and Rob St. John at Summerhall in which case this is the page you want. All the other gigs will be at Henry’s Cellar Bar as per usual – one of the key engine rooms of the Edinburgh live music scene for years, and now with extra added nice beer! I know! Amazing!

Once again, this is a fantastic celebration of the best underground music Scotland has to offer. There are established Toad favourites, plenty of Song, by Toad Records bands, a flash night out at Summerhall, plenty of new bands never to play the festival before, and we close on the 29th with a showcase of one of my favourite Scottish labels, Night School, and then a late night party with music and dancing.

In a massive show of endurance and sugar, the glorious Kitchen Disco will be DJing every single night of the festival as well, bringing you awesome tunes and delicious cakes (the latter of which will generally be tenuously related to the bands on the bill through some dreadful pun or other, but will taste amazing whatever they’re called).

It’s going to be fucking awesome, people, get your damn tickets!

Saturday 1st August – Numbers Are Futile, Beam, DTHPDL

Thursday 6th – Garden of Elks, Bat Bike, Passion Pusher

Saturday 8th – Sharptooth, Lush Purr, Breakfast Muff

Thursday 13th – Spinning Coin, Min Diesel, Dune Witch Trails

Saturday 15th – Save As Collective (featuring Jonnie Common, Glamour Muscle, River of Slime & MC Almond Milk)

Thursday 20th – eagleowl, Now Wakes the Sea, Faith Eliott

Saturday 22nd – Adam Stafford, Wolf, Tryptamines

Thursday 27th (at Summerhall) – Supermoon & Rob St. John

Saturday 29th – Happy Meals, Apostille, Clip Art


Toadcast #307 – The Joecast

tag Yep, not gin anymore, these days I drink coffee with my podcasts. Nostalgia really isn’t what it used to be, is it. I remember when I was wild, rude, inebriated, etc. etc…

Mind you, seeing as I am driving through to Glasgow once I finish this to engage in sensitive negotiations with a ‘hot new band’*, I think half a bottle of gin might not be the wisest preparation, even by my rather slapdash standards. So it’s a pot of coffee and some fine new music, and you know, I may even keep the nonsensical rambling to a minimum if I can manage it.

It’s going to be weird driving through to Glasgow actually, because I will be taking a friend’s car instead of Bette, because it has a working tape player while Bette’s is currently out of action. It’s still a Volvo estate, but just a normal one, and I have to confess it feels kind of weird that no-one does their ‘what the fuck is that?’ stare when I drive past. I’ve kind of grown used to that over the last year or two with the old girl.

Toadcast #307 – The Joecast by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

Direct download: Toadcast #307 – The Joecast

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01. Becky Becky – I Remember, I Remember… (00.16)
02. Huerequeque – Homöopaatiline Epopöa (05.32)
03. Sex Hands – On a Break (15.47)
04. Jeff Flashinski – Disillusion (21.31)
05. eagleowl – Clean the Night (24.25)
06. Furs – An Eye on the Vicious (29.45)
07. Max Garcia Conover – Wildfires Outside Laramie, WY (33.45)
08. Waiters – What For Art Thou (43.52)
09. Sea Pinks – Dream Happening (47.12)
10. Maston – Gold Leaf (52.45)
11. Water World – Cream Soda (56.44)
12. Frankie Cosmos – Owen (1.00.23)

*Disclaimer: we are NEVER in negotiations with ‘hot’ new anything. As you well know.


The Gentle Toad Presents: Gulp & eagleowl House Gig


The Gentle Toad? The what? Well, for a brief entente cordiale Bart of The Gentle Invasion and eagleowl and myself have been able to set aside our mutual animosity and agree to cooperate on one last thing. Apart from beer. Oh, and terrible films. And being weird on the internet. Actually, maybe not one last thing, but eagleowl did sign for Lost Map instead of Song, by Toad so will always need to be treated with a degree of suspicion around here. Even if they do invite awesome bands to play in our warehouse.

On Saturday 4th of October eagleowl will be supporting the awesome Gulp round at our place, and you can come along for the price of a fiver. The rules are pretty simple: BYOB, feel free to stick around and get pished with us as long as you like, and don’t be a twat to anyone – easy!

In return you get to see some excellent music in one of Edinburgh’s more seldom-used venues, and, erm, well get shit-faced and have an awesome time. I rather anticipate Bart insisting on DJing afterwards as well, as he tends to, so erm, well whether you consider that good news or bad is entirely your decision. Oh, and we can only take about 50 or 60 people, so make your decision fast, as these things have a habit of selling out.

It’s going to be fucking brilliant.

Buy your tickets here:

Sold out now, sorry.

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Toadcast #303 – The Palercast

TAG So, a little over halfway through the Pale Imitation Festival, and here we are. There are still four gigs to go, with Rick Redbeard, LAW, eagleowl and PAWS headlining (tickets and full details here), and the gigs are only a fiver to get into, which in Edinburgh in August represents a monumental fucking bargain.

We also have a new single out on Song, by Toad Records, from David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble‘s new collaborative album Sliding the Same Way which is now available for pre-order so I’ve popped that on the playlist as well, along with a Passion Pusher song from our first cassette release which is due in October or November or something like that.

Other than that, there are a couple of new Scottish singles, some live gig plugs and a couple of Song, by Toad recording alumni with some bits and pieces, so it’s all quite local music for local people this week. Phew. I am finding the Festival heavy going, I have to confess. Not that I’m not enjoying it, just that it does kind of wear you out, not least with all the drinking. Still, my Mum turns up on Sunday, so that should at least put the dampers on some of the worst carrying-on. Hopefully.

Toadcast #303 – The Palercast by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

Direct download: Toadcast #303 – The Palercast

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01. Neon Waltz – Bare Wood Aisles (00.17)
02. Broken Records – So Long, So Late (06.37)
03. David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble – In Service (12.41)
04. Numbers Are Futile – Justice is Light (and Blood) (18.37)
05. Sharron Kraus – When Father Hanged the Children (22.45)
06. Samantha Crain – Paint (30.50)
07. Sex Hands – Gay Marriage (36.07)
08. Ian Humberstone – House on the Hill (43.55)
09. PAWS – Poor Old Christopher Robin (Tape Demo) (46.11)
10. Passion Pusher – BLT (54.06)
11. eagleowl – Too Late in the Day (1.02.34)


Pale Imitation Festival 2014

Pale Imitation 2014 digiflyer

Well brace yourselves, here we go: the full lineup for the Pale Imitation Festival 2014 has been finalised and can now be announced, tickets can be bought, and giddy excitement can commence. It’s a cheap and cheerful festival of Scottish music, held at Henry’s Cellar Bar over the course of August.

Conceived initially as a way to keep the fun, family-friendly DIY spirit of the awesome Retreat Festival alive, I think for me it’s sort of evolved into something different. I like the Edinburgh Festival, I really do. Or at least I try. There’s lots of awesome stuff happening, but there is also a massive, stifling avalanche of over-priced, imported rubbish which smothers everything in the city and dominates the press and makes it almost impossible to do anything at all in music except sit back for six weeks and wait for it to be over. And being a bloody-minded little shit, I don’t accept that.

Music used to be really well served during the Edinburgh Festival, but now it seems that small local enterprises doggedly trying to support Scottish music are pretty much the only ones giving it any kind of foothold at all. The Queen’s Hall and The Electric Circus have some great stuff on in August, and then there is us: a reasonably-priced, month-long celebration of local music, held in one of Edinburgh’s stalwart underground venues. A fiver per gig, and a season ticket available for only £25, as well as a separate, showcase gig at the Queen’s Hall which will be the last ever Meursault show.

The full lineup is below, and tickets can be bought here, except for the Meursault/Plastic Animals Queen’s Hall show which can be bought directly from the Queen’s Hall. Season tickets are here, and they entitle you to attend all the Henry’s gigs (the QH one is separate) – meaning you could get nine gigs for the price of five, which is pretty amazing. Do try and get there by 8pm though, so we know whether to hold you a place or not at the busy shows.

Sat 2nd Aug – Adam Stafford, Le Thug & Duchess
SAY Award-shortlisted Adam Stafford is currently working on a new album, and his experimental, looped guitar pop songs will be complemented by the hazey washes of Le Thug and newcomers Duchess.

Thu 7th Aug – The Leg, Now Wakes the Sea +1 TBC
Screaming pop mentalists The Leg headline the second night, with support from the phenomenal, if a little wonky, Now Wakes the Sea, plus another band to be confirmed.

Sat 9th Aug – The Yawns, Sharptooth & alansmithee
The Yawns play a lazy brand of sloppy guitar pop, and made one of the sleeper albums of the year a wee while back. They are joined by the slightly more aggressive Sharptooth and Livingstone newcomers alansmithee.

Wed 13th Aug – Meursault & Plastic Animals – Queen’s Hall
The centre-piece of the Pale Imitation Festival this year is the last ever Meursault show, at the Queen’s Hall. That’s right, your last ever chance to see the current band play live, and they will be joined by pals and label-mates Plastic Animals.

Thu 14th Aug – Deathcats, Garden of Elks & Passion Pusher
Surfy, guitar loons Deathcats released their debut album this year, and it is every bit as hugely enjoyable and sloppily noisy as you would have expected. Abrasive shouters Garden of Elks and Edinburgh’s most hapless guitar pop star in the making comprise the rest of the bill.

Sat 16th Aug – Jonnie Common, Jesus H. Foxx & Andrew R. Burns
Jonnie Common is a maverick genius, who makes experimental music sound like the most accessible of pop songs, and he’ll be joined by the recently resuscitated Phoenix H. Foxx, and Chillwave revivalist Andrew R. Burns. Jonnie really needs to start using his middle initial, to fit on this bill properly.

Thu 21th Aug – Rick Redbeard, Siobhan Wilson (Ella the Bird) & Kitchen Cynics
If Rick Redbeard would stop buggering about being famous with the Phantom Band, I think he could be one of Scotland’s most loved singer-songwriters. He’d be one of mine, certainly, and after only recently discovering his stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear myself saying the same of The Kitchen Cynics. Siobhan Wilson has just started to perform under the name Ella the Bird, but her gorgeous voice and songwriting remain very much the same.

Sat 23rd Aug – LAW, Numbers are Futile & Wozniak
LAW has been one of the breakthrough sensations of recent years. Based in Edinburgh, and collaborating with members of Young Fathers, her music is dark but danceable, and actually reminds me of an Edinburgh pop singer of a few years back – anyone remember Helicopter Girl? No? Just me, then. On the bill with LAW are the hypnotic, rhythm popsters Numbers are Futile and messy shoegazers Wozniak.

There will be a big old after-party after this show, with Lost Map DJs and, erm, well hopefully I won’t be allowed anywhere near the decks at all.

Thu 28th Aug – eagleowl, Ian Humberstone & Smackvan
Eagleowl are Edinburgh’s most glacial post-anti-drumcore, kraut-folk band, and will be joined by the gorgeously intimate croon of Ian Humberstone and warm miserablism of Smackvan.

Sat 30th Aug – PAWS, Halfrican & Et tu Brute!!!
Our favourite pop-punk band PAWS proved they had rather more strings to their bow than just awesomely hummable guitar tunes with their fantastic second album, released at the beginning of the year.  They are pals of ours, they almost signed to our label, and they’re the most prolific accumulators of parking tickets on the Toad Van, so they seemed like a perfect choice for the closing party of this year’s Pale Imitation Festival. Joined by short-shorts-wearing Halfrican and the intense battering of Et tu Brute!!!, it’s going to a lively last show. And then I will get some fucking sleep.


Song, by Toad’s Top Albums of 2013 11-20

cup 1-5 / 6-10 / 11-20

It has been, I must say, an absolutely phenomenal year for great albums this year. Really, really great.

Even before February was over I had some records I knew would end up being favourites. Yo La Tengo were back Nick Cave was brewing something, and there had already been some fantastic surprises.

So that’s a good thing, but the other good thing is that I seem to come across as less of an anti-big-label snob this year. Last year the biggest labels represented in my top twenty were Fatcat and Chemikal Underground, and the rest were tiny labels or self-releases.

Those tiny releases are still here, of course, but despite the disappointments of The National and Kurt Vile, the bigger labels are a little better represented this year. We have Nick Cave and Yo La Tengo, and might have had The Flaming Lips too, had I spent more time listening to their album, which I really like the sound of so far.

There are also some of the bigger indies represented as well, and in general the whole list just looks a lot more balanced than last year. Not that I have changed my mind about last year, but it did look a bit like I was being intentionally obscure, which I wasn’t.

Anyhow, without further ado, here is the first half of this year’s top twenty, below the jump to stop all the embedded song players from slowing the whole page down completely. Read the rest of this entry »


Music Language Festival 2013

musiclanguage2013 I think you could probably say that the Music Language Festival in Glasgow is just the sort of thing I would love to put on, if only I had the balls. There are hardly any big name bands on the lineup, and a lot of it is so esoteric it’s well outside my frame of reference.

Why would I want to put on a festival where a lot of the bands are things I find too weird to be really all that listenable? Well it’s a question of spectrum. There are a lot of bands on the bill who make music I love – Magic Eye, eagleowl, The Yawns, Wounded Knee and Ela Orleans for example – and a lot I am pretty sure I would hate. But there’s a pretty broad spectrum inbetween, and I genuinely enjoy being able to expand my palate like that.

If you listen to a few bands you hate, tempered by a few you love, then when you hit something inbetween it’s the chance to stretch your taste in one direction or another. It has worked that way for me with experimental music, as well as lo-fi – I’ve heard a few things which were far too weird or rough for me, but there are plenty of things in my music collection heavily influenced by both lo-fi and experimentalism, and that music which took it too far still managed to drag the boundaries of what I found acceptable and open my ears to previously inaccessible music.

The festival takes place from the 6th-8th September, and there is a pay-what-you-want compilation available on Bandcamp if you’d like to try out some of the bands before you head down. I’d encourage you to go if you can, though. It’s incredibly cheap (tickets), and depending on where your music taste sits at the moment, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the chance to get into something new and interesting.


The Pale Imitation Festival

Pale Imitation Digiflyer

So, we can finally announce the full lineup for the inaugural Pale Imitation Festival.

A run of gigs taking place at Henry’s Cellar bar over the course of August 2013, Pale Imitation is intended to focus almost entirely on local bands, from the high profile to the brand new. Furthermore, we selected nine headliners and then asked them to suggest the rest of the lineup and to provide the music for the night, to give a much stronger sense of the personality of the bands involved – it seemed to fit with the idea of putting the shows on in a small venue with no real backstage area.

As well as trying to keep ticket prices for all the shows down to a fiver (with one exception), we’re also going to be selling season tickets, where £25 gets you into absolutely everything. You’ll have to get there for half eight to be guaranteed entry of course, so we can let the rest of the punters in, but it seemed like a nice thing to do.

And finally, in addition to all the awesome gigs, we’ve got an opening party on the first night with Pale Imitation DJs until 1am, which is free, and then on the 24th August we are partnering with Papi Falso to give a pound off their night and a pound off ours to anyone who attends both. So don’t say we aren’t good to you.

All advance tickets, including the season ticket, can be found here, and the Facebook event pages are here.

And of course, we’re committing to paying an awful lot in terms of fees for bands and so on so, erm, any sharing and general encouragement you might wish to offer on the old social networks would of course be greatly appreciated. Back Garden Promotions came from a beery chat in our back garden between myself, Bart from eagleowl, Neil from Meursault and Rob St. John.

Thursday 1st August: William Henry Miller, Jonnie Common & The Bad Books (plus opening party until 1am) (tickets)

William Henry Miller: hermaphrodite politician from the Nineteenth Century, who also does a fine line in alt-rock pop tunes. Jonnie Common: quirky pop maestro.  The Bad Books: they sound a lot like college rockers The Book Group from Edinburgh. An awful lot like them.

Tonight will also include the opening party for the Pale Imitation Festival, with DJs until 1am.

Saturday 3rd: FOUND, Adam Stafford & Mike MacFarlane (tickets)

FOUND: bouncy electronic pop weirdos. Adam Stafford: the slow-motion preacher. Mike MacFarlane: bitter, moaning singer-songwriter.

Thursday 8th: Plastic Animals, Deathcats & Mad Nurse (tickets)

Plastic Animals: sludgey, grungey shoegaze.  Deathcats: devilishly handsome, radgey Glasgow surf.  Mad Nurse: growly shoegaze from Edinburgh.

Saturday 10th: Sparrow and the Workshop, The Rosy Crucifixion & Siobhan Wilson (tickets)

Sparrow and the Workshop: is snarling country-tinged punk a genre? It is now. The Rosy Crucifixion: a bit of garage, a bit of psyche, and a bit of awesome. Siobhan Wilson: honey-voiced singer-songwriter.

Saturday 17th: RM Hubbert, Wounded Knee & Lidh (tickets)

RM Hubbert: twinkle-fingered Flamenco heartbreaker who has recently achieved global superstar status after winning the 2013 SAY Award.  Wounded Knee: have a rummage in his bawbag. Lidh: Fife lass with an acoustic guitar and a fine voice.

Thursday 22nd: The Leg, Zed Penguin & Numbers are Futile (tickets)

The Leg: screaming mentalists, with equal parts deranged lunacy and pop inspiration. Zed Penguin: swaggering, lo-fi indie-rock.  Numbers Are Futile: thrummy electronic soundscapes, with hidden pop gems.

Saturday 24th: Malcolm Middleton, Ian Humberstone & Now Wakes the Sea (plus Papi Falso until late) (tickets)

Malcolm Middleton: a solo set from the patron saint of depressive introspection.  Ian Humberstone: lush, gentle folk-pop.  Now Wakes the Sea: glorious, halting miserablism.

This one is a smidge more expensive than the other shows, but it is still covered by the season tickets. Also, we have a reciprocal deal with the awesome Papi Falso, whose eclectic nightclub spectacular directly follows this gig: if you go to both, then you will get a pound off each show.

Thursday 29th: Rob St. John, Hanna Tuulikki & David Orphan DJ set (tickets)

Rob St. John: gloomy purveyor of dark geographical folk. Hanna Tuulikki: wild-voiced siren of the Glasgow experimental folk scene. David Orphan: inspired architect of Finders Keepers Records.

Saturday 31st: eagleowl, Rachel Lancaster & Nap Sholty (tickets)

eagleowl: post-slo-fi, post-anti-drumcore, and a bit krauty. Rachel Lancaster: fine, shoegazey guitar work. Nap Sholty: helmed by the artist formerly known as Tom Western, this could be just about anything.


Live in Edinburgh this week – 8th July 2013

ZOMG! Advance Base are playing Sneaky’s tonight. I saw Owen Ashworth play the same venue a few years ago when he was still known as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. He’s one of my all-time favourite songwriters. So aye, get alone to Sneaky Pete’s tonight, because he is awesome at music. Support comes from eagleowl. Who I suppose are alright.

So Dewar’s continue to support Scottish music by putting on a big ol’ free gig at The Caves on Thursday. Fatherson, Sparrow and the Workshop and FOUND play it. So it’s a line-up with something for everyone, and not three bands I would have thought to put on together, but I suppose that makes it a bit more fun. It’s first-come-first-served so get down early, doors are at 8pm.

And that’s it for the listing. Anything I’ve missed? I sure hope so.