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Song, by Toad Records at Easter Indie Label Market, London


Hello folks, we are coming back down to London once more, to peddle our wares at the Independent Label Market which is taking place on Saturday 2nd April at Old Spitalfields Market.

We’ve some awesome new stuff for you as well. Apart from the somewhat sullying sight of me getting steadily drunker over the course of the day, and access to our entire back catalogue from almost eight years of releases, you will also have your first chance to pick up the new Adam Stafford album Taser Revelations (“a tour de force brimming with confidence and invention from an artist at the top of his game” – Is This Music?) as well as the new David Thomas Broughton triple vinyl Crippling Lack (“The fact this album exists at all is testament to the inherent brilliance at the heart of humankind.” – Collective Zine) and Jonnie Common’s new experimental instrumental album Kitchen Sync, which is released on a set of four unique fridge magnets*.

Adam Stafford – Phantom Billions from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

*’Unique’ is quite literal in this case – he hand made them all and no two are the same.


Song, by Toad at Independent Label Market on Saturday 11th July


The ever-awesome Independent Label Market is returning to London this weekend and we shall be there once again (and this time I shall remember to bring all our recent releases along with me as well).

We are on the outside corner of the market, behind Heavenly and Full Time Hobby, and next to BBE and R2 and it would be excellent to see you there if you happen to be in London.

Since I was last there in March we have released several fantastic albums, so have a listen to the following and see if you don’t fancy coming along to pick up a copy on Saturday. Or just buy them on the internet if you prefer that, or don’t live anywhere near London.



Label Markets Are Odd


I really like the Indepedent Label Markets I travel around to on a regular basis, but they are strange things to go to, I have to confess.

Meeting devoted fans of our releases in places like London and Inverness who can go through the whole display and point out no more than maybe one or two things they don’t already own is wonderful, but strange. I don’t really expect anyone but my good self to have that level of blind conviction that everything we release is fucking ace, but there definitely are a few people out there like that and it’s nice, if surprising, to meet them.

The other really nice thing is that with everything laid out in front of them, people tend to spend far more time on older releases than then normally seem to, and I get asked all sorts of questions about back catalogue stuff which no-one seems to take that much of an interest in most of the time.

The other thing which reinforced that sort of weird time machine effect was that on Sunday I went to see Jane Weaver at the Lexington and my friend who was promoting the gig suggested I just fire on my label playlist on shuffle, rather than be arsed putting together one himself at the last minute. So a packed venue had the rather dubious pleasure of being serenaded by our somewhat, er, broad variety of releases for the course of the evening.

Someone spotted Rob St. John’s rather distinctive voice but other than that I don’t think that anyone really noticed or gave much of a shit about what they were hearing, but that doesn’t matter. I cared. It was odd. And kind of fun. It’s easy to move past your own history in this business because the immediate future always needs such very urgent attention, but it was a nice moment to have it all mixed up together, the old stuff and the new stuff, and reflect that yes, the world was very much Wrong About Music back then too.

So, two songs, one from Surrender to Summer by The Japanese War Effort and one from He Was Such a Quiet Boy by Trips and Falls. Both absolutely massive smash hits the world never knew it missed.

The Japanese War Effort – Summer Sun Skateboard from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.


Song, by Toad at the Easter Independent Label Market in London


That’s right folks, this weekend we shall be down in London for the Independent Label Market at Spitalfields once again.

We don’t really have any ‘exclusives’. I mean, we don’t really do exclusives, honestly, we try and make everything as special as we can, and then make it available for everyone. But we do have some interesting advance copies of stuff you may like – the Garden of Elks album, for example, and the Supermoon tape, and also the Rob St. John and Woodpigeon Split 10″. And of course our fantastic Gin & Swearing t-shirts and Real as Fuck sweaters.

So there will be lots of very, very good things for you to come along and buy, and of course you get the wonderful benefit of my gloriously sunny company. And who could possibly ask for anything more.

I’ve got the stall plan now too, and we are in the very far corner of the market. This may sound less that ideal, but actually we’re right next to Domino, and in terms of musical suitability that makes a lot of sense to me, and maybe we can exploit some of their overspill to make up for the fact that I will probably spend far too much money on their records while I’m there.

Garden of Elks – SWAP from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.


Song, by Toad Records at the Independent Label Christmas Market Tomorrow in London


Yep, I am hopping into Bette tonight and tootling on down to London once more, to peddle my wares to the clamouring masses.  This year’s event looks like being absolutely huge, compared to previous ones I’ve attended – it looks like we’ll actually be taking over pretty much the whole market, as opposed to the 50% or so which has been the case previously.

Part of this is down to what looks like a rather dramatic increase in label participation, but also the inclusion of the London Brewers’ Market, whose presence is a clear response to the global success of our Beer vs. Records concept – the last few bottles of which I will have with me tomorrow.

Actually, I am trying to think of a good way to be able to combine manning the stall with drinking copious amounts of beer, but the obligation to drive my stuff away at the end of the night makes that something of a challenge. It’s not like there are that many cheap hotels near Spitalfields with parking, either. Don’t worry though, I’m a resourceful lad, and I’ll come up with something.


Independent Label Market, Glasgow – Video

This is cute – a wee A to Z of music filmed at the Independent Label Market in Glasgow a few weeks back, featuring (sort of) us, Magic Eye, Zed Penguin and er… Andy’s Mum’s cupcakes.  Wait a minute, I thought he was her cupcake?

Interesting fact about this year’s market: we sold quite a bit of stuff, but one thing we didn’t sell was CDs – in fact, only one of them, and there was no vinyl alternative for that particular album. I don’t know if one market’s worth of sales quite counts as a statistically significant sample, and I know vinyl nerds are more likely to be at this kind of thing than normal people, but nevertheless it sort of feels significant. Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to do more vinyl though.

In fact, I am definitely looking for an excuse to do more vinyl!

So, for you southerners who couldn’t make it to the Barras, you should hopefully be able to catch us at the London market on the 30th November. It’s not totally confirmed yet, but looking good. And besides, it’s about time I had another wee trip down to London.

Oh, and on the subject of London, we’re looking at maybe organising a Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party in December sometime, so keep an eye out for that. It will be… what’s the word I’m looking for again… oh yes: FUCKING BRILLIANT!


Independent Label Market in Glasgow on Saturday


Hello folks, are you coming to this in Glasgow on Saturday? We will have the gorgeous new Trips and Falls vinyl, the whole label back catalogue, and the last of the Song, by Toad beer from the Beer vs. Records project.

Also, I will be manning the stall myself so if you want to come along and tell me how awesome the label is, or perhaps just hassle me for signing all the wrong bands, or pretty much whatever else then it would be nice to see you there. There will be good food stalls there too. Actually, I really like the look of those. So if you can’t find me I will either be stuffing my face or spending all the money we make buying records from other people. I think Lost Map are turning up with the Monoganon record actually. Please buy enough stuff so I can get a copy of that. Come on. Be fair.


Independent Label Market Glasgow


For those of you unable to make it down to London for the (sweltering) Independent Label Market in July and still sulking about the absence of the really good one we’ve had in Summerhall in Edinburgh for the last couple of years, fear not, because this fine event is returning to Scotland after all, just in Glasgow this time. And we will of course be there.

The event will take place on Saturday the 12th of October at the Barras Art and Design Centre. Having been the smallest of small fry at the London event I notice with some degree of childish sulking that we still aren’t considered significant enough to merit a mention in the press release even when the event is on our bloody doorstep, but hey ho. We will have the last of the Beer vs. Records 4-packs and the new Trips and Falls album, as well as more recent releases like NAKED and Adam Stafford and the more esoteric gems from our back catalogue.

I have to confess that the concept of the Independent Label Market makes me a little bit wary. I love going, and as a punter I think it’s a brilliant idea, but we do have to be a bit careful not to pull the rug out from under the few remaining independent record shops we have left and this kind of thing does appear to veer dangerously close to that kind of territory.

In London I don’t worry about it at all, because we struggle to get any London shops to take the slightest interest in our releases, so that stall at the market is invaluable to connect with our London fanbase. Up here, where people genuinely do buy our releases from record shops, it seems more questionable, but I don’t think the issue is as serious as it might seem for one main reason: people buy completely different stuff from me at these fairs than they do from our website or from shops.

Where generally our web-shop or physical retail will sell the most recent releases as well as a consistent trickle of stuff by our more prominent artists, at label markets the stuff people buy is much more spread out across the entire back catalogue. I go along with my iPhone and a set of headphones and, with it all laid out there in front of them, people explore all kinds of obscure old stuff in which the general public lost all interest a couple of weeks after release. We never sell a lot of any one release at these things, but what we do get is sales spread across our entire back catalogue, no matter how obscure it is or how little press it got at the time.

So it may seem like a threat to shops, and I am glad that a couple of really good Glasgow record shops are involved in this market, but even without them I don’t think what we would sell ourselves would be a direct replacement for what a shop would sell to its customers. And of course, in London, it’s just about the only retail space we have in the South, so I am just glad we’re invited, honestly.

So, meandering ramble aside, I hope to see you in Glasgow on the 12th.


Song, by Toad at Independent Label Market This Saturday


I am in the middle of driving back from France at the moment, so I don’t have time to say much (my parents are waiting on me so they can serve dinner), but we will be at the Independent Label Market at Spitalfields in London on Saturday and it would be nice to see you there.

We’ll have the new Adam Stafford album, the new NAKED single and the last few Beer vs. Records 4-packs, so swing by and I am sure to regale you with witty banter – or at least, the closest I can manage anyway.  There are some really nice reviews of the Adam Stafford album trickling through actually, so if you want a quick read before committing, try The Line of Best Fit, Drunken Werewolf and The Arts Desk.

And if you want to know why the blog has been quiet for two weeks, read my Tumblr site (in reverse order of course) and you’ll get the picture. ‘Mon the Betty!


Toad Beer and Cupcakes, Thanks to Fiona Buckle and Barney’s Beer

I am very, very pleased with these!  For those of you in London, come and get some of the cupcakes above and the beer pictured below at the Independent Label Market tomorrow where we will have a stall.  I think we are sort of the Fanny Price of the event however, as the song we were asked for was cut from the promotional compilation and they never published the Q&A with us either, but if you all turn up and buy records tomorrow (which you will, WON’T YOU?) then that won’t matter at all.

So for those even remotely interested in hearing even more of my tedious opinions, I thought I might as well at least publish the Q&A myself seeing as I spent time answering the questions, and you can read the whole thing at the bottom of the page.

And for those of you in Scotland gazing jealously at the cupcakes in the picture at the top of the page, and at the beer in the picture below, fear not: you can help yourself to some of these things by coming to our label Christmas Party on Friday 7th December at Summerhall.

The cupcakes were made by the awesome Miss Fiona Buckle (she stayed up until 5am doing them as well, so you better be appreciative, you greedy beggars), and the beer was brewed by a rather brilliant and rather tiny independent brewer’s called Barney’s, which appropriately enough can be found on the premises at Summerhall. My sincere thanks to both of them for their excellent work.

Q&A With Song, by Toad Records for the Independent Label Market 2012

What is your inspiration for your label?
Mostly I was inspired by other people being Wrong About Music.  I started out as a blogger, and the idea of my own label was mostly fomented by the sheer amount of shit I was sent by proper labels when compared to the quality of a lot of the stuff I was receiving from unsigned bands. It became more and more frustrating the more involved I got with the local underground music community, and eventually my wife and I got very drunk and snapped, telling a band that if no-one else was going to do it, dammit WE would put out their album.

Do you have any influences outside of music in how you run your company?
Yes.  Mostly gin.

Are you a record label or a brand? (you’re not allowed to answer ‘both’)
I hate the term, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a brand. As I said, I started out as just a blogger, and the blog is still going today, I do a weekly podcast, we record video sessions, and we put on regular gigs in Edinburgh. It’s a many-tentacled beast, the Toad Empire!

Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?
I get bored quickly, so I doubt just running a record label will be enough in the long run. The benefit of no-one knowing how the music industry works anymore, however, is that being a record label can be a pretty flexible thing these days.  And the benefit of being your own boss is that if running the label one way becomes boring, I can always just decide to do things differently.

What kind of deals, and indeed steals, will you have on your stall?
We may have some limited edition Toad Beer, some custom-made Toad Cupcakes, and a couple of yet-to-be-released things which we are making available because we have the finished product already, and the release date is pretty soon so, in the words of Doc Brown, we figured what the heck.

Which of your artists would you most like to see have a Christmas Number One and why?
The Leg, because they would terrify the shit out of everyone.  They make pop music, but it’s pop music in the way that Krampus is a fairytale character.  He is, but not quite in the way you’d think.