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Toadcast #253 – The Currycast

post tag What the fuck am I doing calling something a Currycast, I hear you ask.  Music cannot be curry-themed, and nor is it.  This is called the Currycast simply because I am visiting my Granddad in Manchester and he has just asked me to cook a curry for him tomorrow night.

I have never cooked curry before, and Mrs. Toad makes such a fine one that I have never really been motivated to have a go, myself.  Why bother making the second-best curry in the house, after all. However, I made a gigantic leg of roast lamb today, so there are lots of leftover bits of cabbage, carrots, lamb juice and bits to make a fine stock base, and so as long as the flavour is right the richness should be okay.

Despite being raised abroad, when we were kids roast dinners in my grandparents’ house were amongst our most vivid memories, so the fact that me and my little brother get to come here ourselves to cook roast dinners now is a really nice feeling.  It feels like we’re helping to continue a tradition in which we were raised, despite the fact the he lives in America and I in Scotland means neither of us spend much time in Manchester these days.

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01. Inspector Tapehead – I Am Your Pedigree (00.12)
02. Mothersday – Shoulder Soldier (08.59)
03. King Post Kitsch – Blood and Glitter (15.52)
04. Flutes – Auld Archie (20.11)
05. Flume – Star Eyes (24.33)
06. Sweet Baboo – Let’s Go Swimming Wild (32.12)
07. Harness Flux – Stockholders (38.41)
08. Nehemiah St. Danger – Nehemiah St-Danger Lost and Alone in a New Paradigm (Venus of the Tumbling Towers) (44.15)
09. The Hand to Man Band – The Down Moveables (46.42)
10. Adios Amigo – Take Me to Heaven (54.01)
11. Meursault – Song For Martin Kippenberger (Jonnie Common Remix) (1.01.11)


Toadcast #252 – The Partycast

 Don’t worry, the chances of me actually playing party music on a Toadcast are about as good as Lana Del Rey getting some semblance of life back into that blank, empty, defeated gaze of hers.

No, in reality this is called the Partycast because we are having the label Christmas Party tomorrow at Summerhall, and so tomorrow I shall be running around all day collecting a PA, and shitloads of absolutely awful tinsel and dreadful Christmas decorations.

Also, rather tragically. I shall be trying my very best (and probably failing) not to get too utterly obliterated because I will have to be up early in the morning to return the bloody PA and get all our merch stuff through to Chambre 69 to try and sell to people of Glasgow in vast, lucrative quantities. But umm… well I think it’s time to accept that I am going to feel like a menstruating badger on Saturday morning.

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01. Francobollo – Basketball (00.17)
02. Rick Redbeard – Cold as Clay (The Grave) (06.25)
03. Lil Daggers – Faces & Names (13.21)
04. King Post Kitsch – Every Face (19.29)
05. These Brittle Bones – Blood + Snow (24.09)
06. Matthew E. White – Big Love (30.57)
07. Dolfinz – Yeah Right (38.25)
08. Slowcoaches – Proper Job (40.39)
09. Silverbacks – Orange Light (44.56)
10. King DJ – Hold Me Down (50.14)
11. WTCHS – Adult Crimes (54.42)


King Post Kitsch – Repulsive Sunsets EP

This EP will be launched at the Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party on the 7th December, with the first ever full band performance by Glasgow’s King Post Kitsch, over a year and a half since we released the band’s debut album in May last year.

Since then Charlie has moved up to Glasgow, back to London and back to Glasgow again trying to settle on somewhere to dig his heels in, form a cohesive band, and get out and about playing his stuff. Normally a prolific songwriter, this has delayed his recording too, as he didn’t want to put out anything new until he had a band to support it, and Repulsive Sunsets feels a bit like it marks the band’s official release into the wild.

So, at the Christmas Party, held in Edinburgh’s gorgeous Summerhall we will finally get to see King Post Kitsch perform live for the first time – something I am personally so pleased about I am even going to give a free copy of the EP to the first fifty people who come through the door, along with a bottle of limited edition Toad Beer (the beer won’t be free, it will just be awesome). However, if you can’t make it to Summerhall or, just as importantly, can’t make it there punctually, you can always pick up a copy of this wee pop gem (with just a little added bite!) right here.

Happy Christmas!


Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party

This year’s Christmas Party is going to be an extravaganza of awesomeness. It will be held in the café at Summerhall (in the door, turn left) on Friday 7th December, and will be starting at 7pm.

From 7pm-10pm we’ll have a series of quick and dirty sets by bands on the label, and a few special guests, playing short sets in a relatively stripped back manner.  There will hopefully be some interesting wee surprises in there too, so make sure you come down in enough time. After this, there will be two full-band slots, with DJing until 1am.

King Post Kitsch: first full band set EVER and launch night for new Repulsive Sunsets EP.  First 5o people to turn up get a copy for free because we’re just that fucking nice.

15% discount on everything from the label merch table, including a new split 7″ from Lil Daggers which no-one has heard yet, and the aforementioned KPK release, assuming you aren’t in time to get one of the free copies.

Special Edition Toad Beer: we have teamed up with the lovely people (well, person, actually, but he’s still lovely) at Barney’s, whose hand-crafted, small-batch brewery is actually on the premises at Summerhall to bring you some custom Toad beer for the night.  Don’t all thank me at once, it’s alright, I already know.

Tickets are £7 in advance from here, and a tenner on the door, and there will be more special announcements to come, closer to the time. Happy fucking Christmas everyone.


Song, by Toad Records Free 2012 Sampler

 Song, by Toad Records hereby release into the world what we reckon is going to become an annual free sampler, mostly as a free download, but with a few CDs given to local record shops and available at gigs as well.

The sampler is a combination of things we’ll be releasing this year, mixed in with a couple of things from 2011 and interspersed with a few brilliant moments from the late Kenneth Williams’ reading of the Wind in the Willows. Snippets from this reading litter my own weekly podcast, and inspired the name of the label in the first place, so it seemed kind of fitting to pop a couple on here.

You can download this little parcel of digital fun from Bandcamp for free, and we are sending out a few to our favourite record shops to give away as well, so if you want a CD either come to a Song, by Toad gig in Edinburgh or go to a record shop.


02. So the Wind Won’t… by Jesus H. Foxx
I’ve been waiting for their debut album through two years of ‘nearly theres’, but it is finally finished, it sounds brilliant and will be ready for release on 14th May 2012.

03. Twitching Stick by The Leg
Formerly Khaya, then Desc, The Leg are veterans of several Peel Sessions and several releases already, but have agreed to release their next album An Eagle to Saturn with us. Coming out on 30th April, this is abrasive as fuck, but definitely still surprisingly poppy, considering.

04. The Acid Test by Rob St. John
We released Rob’s debut album Weald on vinyl last year, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive we’ve decided to give it a wider release on CD too. Rob being Rob, of course, he’s already planning to record his second album, probably in our living room again.

05. Sorry by Waiters
06. Teenage Bloom by Dolfinz
08. Gay Marriage by Sex Hands
On the subject of recording in our living room, the Waiters, Dolfinz and Sex Hands tracks are from a split 12” (which will also include hotly-tipped* Glasgow band PAWS) all of which was recorded almost entirely live in the living room of our house by myself and Rory Sutherland from Broken Records. It’s sort of a compilation of some of my favourite underground, garagey (and frighteningly young) bands, and we’ve just had it mastered, so it will hopefully be ready for release in late March or early April.

09. A Mother’s Arms (demo) by Meursault
It feels like we’ve been waiting quite a long time for the third Meursault album too, doesn’t it. Well it’s finally done, and we are looking at a release date in mid-July, with a release night pencilled in for Saturday 7th July in the Queen’s Hall.

10. School (Toad Session) by The Black Tambourines
We recorded a Toad Session with these guys last year and immediately offered to release something. I’m not sure what it’ll be yet – probably an EP in the Autumn I would guess.

11. Lay Me Down by Yusuf Azak
From his unspeakably gorgeous second album, due out in 2012 sometime, depending on when I get a final master.

12. That is a Big Door! by Trips and Falls
From their second album, People Have to Be Told, released in September 2011.

13. Dead Golden Girls by Lil Daggers
From their self-titled debut album, which we released on vinyl at the end of last year.

14. Pinkening by Animal Magic Tricks
This was recorded just after 2009’s stunning Cold Seeds album, which was a collaboration between Frances from Animal Magic Tricks, Pete Harvey and Neil Pennycook from Meursault and Kenny Anderson from King Creosote. There still isn’t what you could describe as a finished version, but I am not giving up hope because it is a gorgeous album, even just as it stands at the moment.

15. Pool Attendant by The Japanese War Effort
This is from 2011’s Summer Sun Skateboard, and we hope to release another mini-album with Jamie in the Autumn of 2012.

16. Blue Overcoat by Lach
From 2011 vinyl album Ramshackle Heart.

18. Movies and Magazines by King Post Kitsch
A free dowload from After a year in Glasgow, Charlie has moved back down to London, and after his awesome debut The Party’s Over in early 2011 I am eagerly looking forward to new material.

*Yes, I know I said ‘hotly-tipped’, but honestly, they are, I’m not just copy-and-pasting from The Big Book of PR Clichés.


Toadcast #208 – Song, by Toad Records 2012

For this podcast I am joined by Ian, who is now a member of the Song, by Toad Records team, to go through a bit of a run-down of what’s going to be happening on the label this year.

We’ve got a couple of our more recent releases, like Rob St. John and Lil Daggers, as well as some of our confirmed and ready new albums for next year, by the likes of The Leg, Jesus H. Foxx and Yusuf Azak.

I’ve also got a couple of tracks from bands we’ll be releasing on a split 12″ in the Spring.  We’ll be recording that stuff in our house next week, so the songs we chose to represent those bands are for obvious reasons not the final ones we’ll be releasing, just tracks by the bands so you can get a bit of a flavour of what we’re up to.

With Ian on board and based on the good press we managed last year I am hoping we can really kick on with the label this year and make a decent impression.  Obviously the third Meursault album will  help, what with them being our most established band, but we have a good spread of stuff, from bands like Dolfinz with only a few demos to their name, to the likes of Yusuf Azak and The Leg who people know already and then the Foxx album, which has been ‘much anticipated’ for a while now.

So all in all it should be an exciting year, I reckon.  Enjoy!

Direct download: Toadcast #208 – Song, by Toad Records 2012

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01. Mongrels – I’m Gonna Murder Justin Bieber (00.21)
02. King Post Kitsch – The Make the Same Faces Whether Fuck or Fight (02.46)
03. Meursault – Flittin’ ( Piano Version) (08.49)
04. Rob St. John – The Acid Test (17.59)
05. Lil Daggers – Dead Golden Girls (22.05)
06. Paws – Bloodline (Toad Session) (31.52)
07. Jesus H. Foxx – This is Not a Rental Car (40.31)
08. The Leg – Twitching Stick (43.00)
09. Sex Hands – Jinglebitch (51.56)
10. Dolfinz – Blowhole (55.36)
11. Yusuf Azak – Lay Me Down (63.12)


King Post Kitsch – Free Single and New Album Out Now!

The Party’s Over, the debut album by King Post Kitsch, was released this week and can now be bought from our website, Avalanche Records on the Grassmarket and (as of the weekend) LoveMusic and Mono in Glasgow.

As is our habit with this sort of thing we are giving away another free song to mark the occasion: in this case the splendid Fante’s Last Stand, which has been played on Gideon Coe’s show on 6Music a couple of times this week.  Marc Riley also seems to be a fan, and the blogosphere in general has been incredibly generous, with the latest splendid reviews coming from Incendiary Mag in Holland, as well as Tidal Wave of Indifference and Peenko somewhat closer to home.

I hope you enjoy.  I promise we’ll get him out and about playing live just as soon as we can.

Direct download: King Post Kitsch – Fante’s Last Stand

King Post Kitsch – Fante’s Last Stand by Song, by Toad


Free King Post Kitsch mp3 – Walking on Eggshells

The new King Post Kitsch album The Party’s Over comes out on the 13th of June, and as a little pre-release present we are giving away a couple of free mp3s, the first of which is the impossibly catchy Walking on Eggshells.

We’ve already seen some cracking reviews for the album already, in The Skinny, The List and Musos Guide, as well as some really good writeups of the Don’t You Touch my Fucking Honeytone single on too many blogs to individually mention, but to whom I am hugely grateful.

Marc Riley turns out to rather like it as well, which is nice.  He’s played songs from the album on his last two 6Music shows, which can be listened to on the iPlayer here and here.


Direct download: King Post Kitsch – Walking on Eggshells

King Post Kitsch – Walking on Eggshells by Song, by Toad


King Post Kitsch – Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone

Well it’s been a while since we announced an actual, real new release on Song, by Toad Records but here is one for you: the debut single from King Post Kitsch, called Don’t You Touch my Fucking Honeytone.

The song comes out on Monday on a rather special,  limited edition four-song white 7″, with a free download code, and I will be posting pre-orders tomorrow. The title actually has nothing to do with the song itself, but the guitar on his debut album The Party’s Over, which this single is from, was all recorded on a tiny wee Danelectro Honeytone, so I suppose there’s sort of a connection, tenuous as it might be.

And erm, also… er, just buy one.  Please. You can do that here.

King Post Kitsch – Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone by Song, by Toad


Song, by Toad Records Bands on Cancer Research Benefit Compilation

Sweeping the Nation turns six round about, well, now actually.  For a music blog to last that long is highly unusual; most get to about the two year mark and then posting becomes less and less frequent, and eventually the only updates are rather uncomfortable ‘sorry I haven’t posted in ages’ missives spaced an increasing number of months apart until… silence.

For Simon to keep StN going for six years might just be testament to his mentalism, but I prefer to recognise someone with a familiarly psychotic need to constantly tell people what they should be listening to, and can only admire his endurance.

I don’t know what earns respect for music blogs.  Do you end just respecting the ones whose taste you agree with the most, the ones who are firstest and fastest to absolutely everything (twats), the ones who write interesting, in-depth features, or simply the ones who stick it out the longest?  I really have no idea, but I do know that Sweeping the Nation has always had an aura of respect about it, both from bands and other bloggers, and I would like to congratulate Simon on the work he’s done over the last six years.

To mark the event StN are releasing a charity compilation to benefit Macmillan’s Cancer Support.  It can be downloaded from Bandcamp here, for a minimum of £3 and a maximum of whatever you chose to give, and Simon has written a full run-down of the tracks he chose here. There are a couple of Song, by Toad Records band in there as well – it’s nice to be able to support someone who has given our label so much encouragement over the last few years – as well as donations from the excellent Alcopop and Popty Ping labels.  Please give generously.