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Toadcast #290 – Old Earth Toad Session

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Todd Umhoefer from Old Earth came to Scotland on a sort of holiday/tour late last year and Song, by Toad collaborated with his UK label Mini50 Records to put on shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and we also took the chance to record a Toad Session as well.

Old Earth were actually spotted by Mini50 because of a post on Song, by Toad so it seemed rather fitting to work together to make the tour and the session happen. This was another one of those sessions which ended with Mrs. Toad making an amazing meal, and with us all drinking an absolute shitload of wine and playing records late into the night.

There was something of a skeleton crew this time around, with Rory Sutherland helping me out with recording and cameras, and extra video help by Steven Tonge. Rory also edited all the video for us this time, which is why it looks rather more stylish than usual!

Full interview podcast:

Toadcast #290 – Old Earth Toad Session by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

Session tracks:

Session track videos

Podcast playlist:

01. Old Earth – Higher Th’n Houses (Toad Session) (00.21)
02. Mat Riviere – The Garden (10.51)
03. Hiva Oa – Badger (14.34)
04. Old Earth – The rest, who cares? (Toad Session) (22.50)
05. Land of Vandals – Wildfire (29.25)
06. Altos – Never Named (32.47)
07. Old Earth – Themes & Alarm (Toad Session) (43.19)
08. Williard Grant Conspiracy – Early Hour (51.31)
09. Now Wakes the Sea – Seven Apples (56.26)
10. Old Earth – Unhunted further, four each (Toad Session) (1.11.02)


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th September 2013

ed Well I don’t mean for the Edinburgh live listings stuff to just be my opportunity to peddle directly Song, by Toad-related stuff, but it’s going to look a bit like that this week. Shame really, as I was hoping the end of the Pale Imitation Festival would put and end to that, but hey-ho, I write about what I like and that’s that I suppose.

Anyhow, as I mentioned last week, Euan from Mini50 and I are collaborating on a couple of shows with Old Earth, Mat Riviere and Hiva Oa this week. On Thursday we’re at the Berkeley Suite in Glasgow and then on Friday at Henry’s in Edinburgh, so it would be nice to see you there. Assuming you like music which threatens to make you hate it before delivering the prettiness, that is. Which I do, of course.

The, on the weekend there are a couple of gigs at the Voodoo Rooms, one of which is really quite Toady as well. That one would be Adam Stafford, Thank You So Nice and Et Tu Brute? who are all playing Limbo on Saturday. Adam is an absolutely great live performer – he may play solo, but his use of looped guitar and vocals creates an absolute wall of sound which can be pretty eyebrow-melting at times. Et Tu Brute? on the other hand are more of a shouty, punky kick in the shins. Dan from The Leg is on guitar, Alun plays drums and Grant from Edinburgh School for the Deaf/NAKED screams at you. And it’s awesome. Trust me!

And finally, on Sunday there is something rather different, again at the Voodoo Rooms, where Candythief and Pumajaw play in the Speakeasy. I believe this is actually a birthday party, although it is also open to the public. I am not sure what this means to you on a practical level however – bring a cupcake, maybe?


Old Earth & Mat Riviere Come to Scotland

MKE EDN 2013

So we’ve all calmed down after the festival, right? And taken a couple of weeks aff the drink to let our livers recover, eh? Yep, so it’s probably about time to get back on the horse with this fantastic triple bill which myself and Euan from Mini50 Records have put together. And this time, as well as the usual Henry’s show in Edinburgh, we’re also in Glasgow at The Berkeley Suite the night before.

Ostensibly this was an opportunity to get Old Earth over to Scotland, because both Euan and I are huge fans of his work. His music drifts from experimental, looped fuzz, to downbeat pop and back, which makes Edinburgh’s Hiva Oa the perfect band to join him on the bill. Personally I was happy enough with that, to be honest, but then it appeared that Mat Riviere was also around and also looking for a gig, and by happy coincidence the timing was perfect.

To mind this bill works perfectly. It’s all the kind of music with moments of clarity and moments where it can seem like it’s digressed so far that the band have lost the thread altogether. Mat Riviere’s album Not Even Doom Music (on Bandcamp here) is a recent release I allowed to slip through my fingers actually, but it’s a cracking record and I can finally get my grubby little hands on one next week, which I something about which I am most excited.

As per usual, tickets will be a fiver on the door – hope to see you there.


Toadcast #259 – The Stiffcast

mp3tag The Stiffcast is not the cheap innuendo I am sure you assume it to be.  No no no, not that sort of stiff, the sort where every joint and muscle in your body aches because you are woefully out of shape and attempting to run around like a teenager.  That sort of stiff.

Yes, after three months out with a groin strain (no sniggering at the back, please) I have tried to go back to the gym and to five-a-sides over the last week or two with what can only be described as somewhat mixed results. I am sure it didn’t use to be this hard to get back in the saddle, as it were.

The one undeniable result, however, is that I have been hobbling around like an old man, because every morning without fail I have been stiff as a fucking board with aching muscles and sore joints. This must be what it’s like to wake up as C3PO.

Toadcast #259 – The Stiffcast by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

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01. The Black Tambourines – Ghost at a Party (Toad Session) (00.25)
02. Jonnie Common – Figurehead (Dry) (05.57)
03. Peace Arrow – Gems (11.27)
04. The Hundredth Anniversary – The Jump (15.05)
05. Shiny Darkly – Diana (20.27)
06. The Android Angel – Her Shoulders (27.27)
07. Weeknight Sinners – Give Me a Taste (35.07)
08. True Gents – Honeycomb Heart (39.57)
09. North American War – Geraniums on a Spit (47.46)
10. Mat Riviere – Wool (54.20)


Toadcast #116 – The Dead Calmcast

It’s been a very, very long time since we had a nice simple podcast of me just chattering about music without extraneous distractions of various drunken people babbling to one another over the top of it.

Last week was Ruth, Michael and Dylan, the week before that was Vic and Peej, then me and Mrs. Toad and then there was the one from Homegame, which was nuts, so this one is just calm and sensible and plain vanilla and basically just me playing some songs, wondering how to pronounce names like Borcherdt, and talking pish like usual.

Next week will be the Mumford & Sons Toad Session, which is nice.

Toadcast #116 – The Dead Calmcast

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01. The Van Allen Belt – The Way You Look (02:14)
02. Songdog – Gene Autry’s Ghost (08.50)
03. Over the Wall – Settle Down (16.56)
04. Deathpodal – Squirrel and the Fox (20.55)
05. Brian Borcherdt – While I was Asleep (28.27)
06. Emit Bloch – Dorothy (34.34)
07. David Thomas Broughton – Perfect Louse (40.49)
08. Mat Riviere – FYH (43.09)
09. Member of the Wedding – New Century (51.37)
10. The Sequins – Offside & Beautiful (57.09)


Mat Riviere – Follow Your Heart

There is a certain shambolling self-deprecation to an awful lot of home recorded material, almost as if in some sense it felt it had to apologise for itself.  Mat Riviere’s new album may have a lot of the home recorded aesthetic about it, but it doesn’t feel like it has to excuse itself.

I think this is related to the presence of his voice, which has solidity and character, lending an air of gravitas to an album full of kitchen percussion and wonky piano.  The slow, steady rhythms also bring an air of surprisingly relentless purpose, making Follow Your Heart the kind of record which feels like it’s disquietingly staring you down across a crowded bar.  You wonder if continuing to meet its gaze will result in a fight you don’t want, then you wonder if looking away will do the same thing, and you end up frozen and slightly panicked, but unable to turn away.

I don’t have the ear to tell, of course, but this album sounds like it was recorded entirely in someone’s front room* with an electronic backing track humming and popping along, overlaid with handclaps, what sounds like a melodica, and some rather portentous organ sounds. It’s an odd mixture of the rickety and the robust, which might be at the heart of its appeal.

I can easily imagine people finding Follow Your Heart a little bit one-paced after a couple of listens, but once you’re more into it I think you’ll find the shift of the underlying rhythms, from skittish to sad to bordering on industrial, brings with it subtle but important changes of mood.  Curse These Eyes and Evening Drive are quite foreboding, Godless Girl more enigmatic and ethereal, and early songs like Castroeale desperately looking for a bit of optimism somewhere.  The changes in instrumentation and emotional foundation may not be huge, but they keep the feel of the album shifting on slightly uncertain sands as it progresses, which stops it ever slipping into a rut and becoming boring.

It’s taken me a little while to get into this, though, I must confess.  I knew I liked the sounds from the very first listen, but it took a few more goes to develop an emotional attachment to the individual songs.  Initially I think the latent menace in a couple of them perhaps kept me at arms length, and it took a little while for the intimacy of tracks like Lamplight to extend a more welcoming hand.  Since that has happened, however, I have been really enjoying this.

Mat Riviere – Evening Drive

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Mat Riviere – Godless Girl

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MySpace | More mp3s | Buy from Brainlove Records

* Just have a look at his MySpace page and it would appear that this guess is not far from the truth.