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Toadcast #251 – The Darkcast

Winter has been slow to arrive this year, but it certainly feels like it’s here now. The last few days have been pretty cold, but more importantly when you live this far North, it’s getting fucking dark. It’s not something I dislike, actually.  We may not get much real cold in Edinburgh, nor indeed very much which anyone else would describe as Summer, but Edinburgh is at a surprisingly high latitude and during the Winter months it really is dark around these parts.

So there I was sitting at my desk at four in the afternoon and it was already really rather fucking dingy outside, and in the absence of an obvious theme it seemed about as relevant as anything else I could have come up with.  And let’s face it, without that this is just a mish mash of new stuff which has been piling into my inbox over the last little while, and where’s the fun in that, eh? Well? Where?

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01. Temples – Shelter Song (00.21)
02. Eels – Peach Blossom (06.54)
03. PVT – Shiver (13.01)
04. Milk and Biscuits – White Noise (16.49)
05. Murals – Eyes of Loves (24.32)
06. Lady Lazarus – Lapsarian (31.44)
07. Garden of Elks – This Morning We Are Astronauts (38.47)
08. Palms – Cold (41.07)
09. These Brittle Bones – Anchor Bleed (48.11)
10. Qurious – Gold (55.16)


Toadcast #197 – The Changecast

 This is called the Changecast because, in an absolutely stunning turn of events, it is not packed full of lo-fi garage rock for a bloody change.  Considering the racket you’ve had to put up with for the last year or so, it seems I have kindly granted you the respite of three songs you’d probably vaguely describe as Americana and a couple which are most unmistakably pop!  I know! Get me!

Tonight is of course the Rob St. John album launch down at Pilrig St. Paul’s in Leith.  He will be joined on the bill by Viking Moses, Meursault and eagleowl, the latter of whom just happen to be recording their debut album at the moment, which is rather exciting.

So, I will post this, attempt to get some nice lunch somewhere and then commence that uncomfortable ‘no-one’s coming no-one’s coming no-one’s coming… oh thank fuck’ dance I inevitably end up doing whenever I am promoting a gig.  Why I put myself through this all the time I just don’t know.

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01. Cub Scouts – Evie (00.20)
02. Horsecollar – The Thrill of Never Being Satisfied (06.53)
03. Yoofs – John Actor is Monkfish (14.39)
04. Youthfall – Guard it Like a Fortress (18.01)
05. Rollor – Jekyll Island (22.37)
06. The Lovely Sparrows – National Monuments (33.07)
07. Ohbijou – Niagra (39.42)
08. Milk & Biscuits – Rivers (44.10)
09. First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar (50.45)
10. The Twilight Sad – Sick (58.25)