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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th November 2012

 So, I’m back from Preston safe and sound, and looking forward to a wee jaunt to London for the Independent Label Market this weekend. It’s all go, here at Toad Hall.

Personally, I am not going to be in Edinburgh that much at all this week, and am popping through to Glasgow to see Sparrow and the Workshop at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on Wednesday

Also, as Christmas approaches, and everycunt (yes, including Song, by Toad Records) seems to be arranging a Christmas party these days, I think calendars are about to start getting pretty full pretty quickly. This week is still a relatively relaxed affair, however, although the first of the Christmas Parties does show itself, with the awesome Papi Falso happening at Henry’s on Saturday.

As for gigs, however, well there’s a few knocking about. Chad Valley may be a bit too house for me, but I bet there are a good few of you out there pleased to know he’s playing at Sneaky Pete’s tomorrow night.

Again, it’s not my bag, but Tift Merritt (tonight) and Karine Polwart (Friday) are both at the Queen’s Hall this week, although they are perhaps respectively a touch country and a touch trad folk for my taste.

We have the Cancel the Astronauts album launch party at the Electric Circus on Friday, if you’re after a pure indiepop fix, and then two nights of raucous fun at the Wee Red Bar on the weekend. First up, on Saturday there is a four-band bill of Some Skeletons, A Fight You Can’t Win, Black International and Birdhead, and then on Sunday the Lovely Eggs are back in Edinburgh.


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 24th September 2012

Christ, it’s suddenly Winter!  Never mind Autumn, it’s gone from being sunny and lovely on Saturday, to shitty and cold by yesterday.  Balls.  Ah well, as Billy Connolly (sort of) said, ‘what the fuck do you expect, you live in fucking Scotland for fuck’s sake’.

Anyhow, shitey weather aside, this week see the first of Song, by Toad’s BAD FUN nights, held downstairs at Henderson’s at St. John’s at the foot of Lothian Road. There will be bands, there will be DJs and there will be nice beer as well.  What more could you possibly ask? In fact, with Papi Falso, and a gig at the Wee Red, it’s all kicking off on Saturday night actually, although there is precious little before that.

That’s a good thing, though.  In this kind of weather you really just want a bottle of red wine, a good book, a duvet and a record player.  Now that is Top Fun.  Perhaps a tad lacking in the adrenaline-fuelled rush of certain other types of fun, but exactly what seems to fit when all you can hear is the fucking hurricane outside and rain lashing against the window panes.

Wednesday 26th Sept.: King Creosote & The Last Battle at the Dalkeith Arts Centre.

This, I believe, is going to be a stripped back acoustic set from both bands, held in a rather unusual venue.  I have to confess I think I like King Creosote best when his set is minimal – just acoustic guitar, a bit of accordion and vocals.  Amazing. I’d be tempted to get your tickets in advance for this one if I were you.

Saturday 29th Sept.: Song, by Toad’s BAD FUN with Onions & Birdhead at Henderson’s at St. John’s.

Yes, BAD FUN is finally here!  After threatening to do an all-night thing for a while, we have finally managed it. The Foxx introduced me to this rather awesome venue when they held their album launch there earlier in the year.  So we are returning to the vaults under St. John’s church (entrance at the foot of Lothian Road) for a night of band fun with the phenomenal Onions, who are a Manchester band I’ve wanted to get up to Edinburgh for a while.  They will be joined by the rather harsher Birdhead, who I saw for the first time at Sneaky Pete’s a little while ago and thought were awsome.  And once the bands are over, there will be drinking, as well as Toad vs. Toad and celebrity* DJs until 1am. All in all a top night, I think you’ll agree. Tickets are a fiver, and can be purchased here.

*Kind of.

Saturday 29th Sept.: Plastic Animals, The Scottish Enlightenment, Sex Hands & Zed Penguin at the Wee Red Bar.

This is an absolutely brilliant lineup, featuring the highly welcome return to gigging of the excellent Scottish Enlightenment, the highly welcome return to Edinburgh of the excellent Sex Hands, as well as two bands from the currently-recording second Song, by Toad Split 12″.  If you like your moody guitar music, and you wonder what I think you should be listening to, then go here.

Sex Hands – Chandler in a Box from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Saturday 29th Sept.: Papi Falso at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Quite simply the finest club night in Edinburgh, particularly if you want your club to have enjoyable music instead the usual doof-doof-doof garbage, and if you want to go there to drink and make merry, rather than dodge tonsil-wrestlers at every fucking corner.


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th August 2012

 Wow this week is busy – there are even two awesome gigs happening on Sunday night, which is rather unusual.  As it happens, I don’t really know how many I am going to manage, all told.  Maybe one or two.  After last weekend’s efforts I think laying off the drink a little may prove to be an eminently sensible decision for a little while.

This means you can probably safely attend most of these gigs without running the risk of me being there and either getting drunk and calling you something offensive or, and this might actually be worse, getting all drunk and happy and trying to be your friend.

Anyhow, the options this week are so plentiful that once again I have had to put everything after the jump, just to make sure all the embedded audio players don’t just bring the whole site grinding to a halt.  Which they may yet do anyway. Read the rest of this entry »


Friday is Ready to Launch The Leg at the Lifeboats

Yep, tomorrow is both the lifeboats collection in Stockbridge (turn up at our house between noon and five if you want to help – there will be free champagne and Mrs. Toad might actually bake.  Don’t worry though, there’s a very posh patisserie indeed downstairs in case she fucks it up) and The Leg’s album launch for their fantastic new album An Eagle to Saturn.

The Leg album launch is going to be brilliant.  I have wanted to put on one of these slightly more unusual shows for a long time, actually.  You know, one in a cool location, where the music isn’t just a three-band rock ‘n’ roll bill and all the usual stuff – the kind cool people like Tracer Trails used to put on before they most unkindly buggered off to Glasgow.

Anyhow, these things take time and effort, and frankly I have neither to spare most of the time, so I am grateful to the band themselves stepping in to make this a rather brilliant-sounding night.  Well, in theory anyway, it could yet all go horribly, horribly wrong of course. But it won’t.  Promise.

Anyhow, for those meeting us at The Wash tomorrow, remember that if you go to Papi Falso with your Leg invite tomorrow you’ll get a pound off both gigs, and ours will even finish in plenty of time to get to Henry’s in time for their special super secret musical guest performer. So there you go, that’s your Saturday spoken for.  You can do what you want on Sunday if you like, but your Saturday is MINE!

So, given it’s sunny out, I fully expect those of you who can to skive off early and go find a nice beer garden somewhere nearby, and to spend the afternoon getting slowly pickled and then falling asleep – it just feel like one of those days.  In the meantime, though, why not waste your time answering the following five stupid questions.  Hooray for the internet.

1. Which was your favourite Ghostbuster?
2. Favourite kind of cake.
3. Most trivial injury you’ve had.
4. Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson?
5. What style of music do you fancy this afternoon?  Acoustic, poppy, loud, something else?


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd April 2012

I nearly typed ‘Lice in Edinburgh This Week’ in that post title, which actually rather amused me. Just in case you wondered.

Anyhow, wildly entertaining typo anecdotes aside, I have some exciting stuff to tell you about this week, although most of it is Toad stuff, honestly.  The awesomeness of The Leg’s album launch could only be outdone by something pretty fucking special, to be honest, and although Neu Reekie will probably have a good go, I still back The Leg.  This is going to be bloody brilliant.

And if you want to earn some karmic brownie points this week, you will also have the opportunity to do that as well: Mrs. Toad is organising the annual collection for the lifeboats on Saturday and we are looking for volunteers to come down to Stockbridge and help us between about 10am and 5pm.  There will be cake and booze offered as an inducement, and you’ll only be expected to do an hour or so (depending, of course, on how many people actually turn up) and I promise we’ll be suitably grateful.

Anyhow, for those of you who don’t care about helping out for charity (note extreme disapproving face) there are some more conventional entertainments on offer this week as well:

Wednesday 25th April: Three Blind Wolves, Cate leBon, Saul Ashby & Sam Airey at Sneaky Pete’s.

This is another Communion night.  Welsh singer Cate leBon has a new album out nowish, I believe, and she is joined on the bill by Glasgow’s Three Blind Wolves, along with Saul Ashby and Sam Airey.

Friday 27th April: Neu Reekie at the Edinburgh Book Trust.

Neu Reekie is a combination of music, spoken word, poetry, art and all sorts.  It sounds like an excellent night, and I have rather shamefully yet to make it along to one, so I am hoping that this week will be the lucky charm.

Friday 27th April: Remember Remember, M.O.T.O. & Kill the Waves at The Third Door.

I only really know the first band on this bill, and that was from one of Vic Galloway’s lineups at the Electric Circus earlier this year: they’re kinda epic, proggy and hypnotic, and they’re nice and loud too, so I reckon this should be worth a bash on Friday night.

Saturday 28th April: The Leg album launch.

We’ll be meeting at The Wash bar on the Mound, between 6-8pm, and then walking up to the venue from there. There will be a glass or two of wine for everyone, a string quartet because that’s how fucking sophisticated we all are, and then The Leg will play.  Anyone who comes along to this and wants to go to Papi Falso afterwards will get a pound off both gigs too, because we’re that nice.

Saturday 28th April: Papi Falso 1st Birthday Party at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

With special guests, no less, this show will start a little earlier in the night with a secret band playing (on stage late enough that you can go from The Leg launch to this without missing anything), and then unusual boogie late into the night.


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 12th December 2011

Well if there’s any shit going down in Edinburgh this week I am not going to be there to enjoy it.  Not out of shame at having just used the term ‘shit going down’ as if I was a teenager in the nineties, but because my gigfuns will be happening in London and Glasgow this week.

Tomorrow I am in London to see Rob St. John and Neil from Meursault play at the Vortex, and then on Thursday I’ll be in Glasgow for the Fence Records Christmas party.  And funnily enough, with Detour, Frightened Rabbit and Jill O’Sullivan coming through to Edinburgh on the same night as the latter, it seems the two cities will be swapping musical populations for a week.

Then on Sunday we have a gig by three of the most promising lo-fi garage rock bands I’ve come across this year – Dolfinz, Joanna Gruesome and The Black Tambourines.  This will be a bit messy, but also really fucking loud and (mostly) tuneful!

Anyhow, I have a pile of things to tell you about this week, including something rather good on tonight, assuming you can get down to Leith in time…

[Edit:  balls, just going through my emails and realised I missed this: Plastic Animals, Trapped Mice and Supermarionation at the Wee Red Bar on Thursday 15th Dec. – sorry!]

Monday 12th Dec: Taperecorder, Hailey Beavis & Dusty Cut at the Shebeen Bar.

The Shebeen is in what used to be the Old Dock bar down near Commercial Quay in Leith, and this is the first of a series of nights of free music, which promises good things.  Leith has needed something like this since the Leith Tape Club went quiet at the start of the year.  Taperecorder also sound really interesting too, like either an indie, an experimental or a techno band, depending on what moment of what song you happen to catch.

Taperecorder – Gravel Mountain

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Friday 16th Dec: Papi Falso at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Papi Falso is the perfect club for people who aren’t that into clubs.  The music is fucking awesome, and you can either go nuts on the dancefloor or lean at the bar and have a pint.  Guess which one I tend to favour?

Saturday 17th Dec: Kid Canaveral‘s Christmas Baubles at Summerhall.

This is another all-day Christmas shindig, with performances from the Canaverals themselves, eagleowl, Slow Club, Josie Long, Sweet Baboo and a pile of others, and is being held in pretty much Edinburgh’s most charismatic new venue: Summerhall. I’ll be there. You’ll spot me easily because I’ll be the really drunk one.

Kid Canaveral – And Another Thing!!

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Saturday 17th Dec: Fuzzy Star, The Oates Field & The Occasional Flickers at Sneaky Pete’s.

With Kid Canaveral already sold out, this is a fine alternative for those too slow to get tickets.  Fuzzy Star were excellent at the Ides of Toad earlier in the year, although I suspect this is likely to be a full band set, fleshing out the awkward acoustic introspection with a somewhat fuller sound.  The Oates Field make a cracking racket, and the Occasional Flickers do swoonsome indie-pop as well as anyone in Edinburgh.

The Oates Field – Nae Luck

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Sunday 18th Dec: Doflinz, Joanna Gruesome & The Black Tambourines play The Ides of Toad at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

I am really looking forward to this one.  All three bands play rough and ready, lo-fi garage stuff, but still keep enough tunes in there that you aren’t just battered with a racket.  This should be messy and loud though, and might well be my final gig of the year.

Dolfinz – Coral Reefer

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Joanna Gruesome – Madison

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The Black Tambourines – Bad Days

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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 3rd October 2011

It’s a relatively manageable week, this one.  It’s quiet enough, until Saturday, which has a couple of rather unfortunate clashes, but there are definitely some great gigs on.

Pick of the bunch would, for me, be the Mazes and Milk Maid show at Sneaky’s on Wednesday, but the Emily Scott album launch also looks rather promising, with the presence of extra strings for both herself and Yusuf Azak adding a bit of extra incentive.

Once again I seem to have managed to start the week with a little bit of a hangover, annoyingly, so I have been sitting here feeling groggy all day.  Balls.  Tomorrow will be different, as I keep telling myself.

Wednesday 5th October 2011: Mazes & Milk Maid at Sneaky Pete’s.

Having recorded a (rather fantastic, if I do say so myself) Toad Session with Milk Maid when they played up here in the Spring, I am really looking forward to seeing them again, along with Manchester compatriots and Fatcat label-mates Mazes.

Milk Maid – Not Me (Toad Session)

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Thursday 6th October 2011: Born to Be Wide music video seminar at the Electric Circus.

Born to Be Wide put on consistently interesting seminars designed to help out today’s DIY musician.  This month’s topic is music videos, and confirmed for the panel so far we have this lot: Aman Khullar – VPL, Scott Macdonald – KFM Records, David Weaver – Detour.

Friday 7th October 2011: Indie Funday Friday at Henry’s Cellar Bar with The Asps, Morris Major, Son of Portslade, Steven Borthwick & The Friendly Vibes.

Raising money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, this is the second Indie Funday Friday.  Morris Major played the very first Ides of Toad night in January this year, but I have to confess to not knowing all that much about the other bands.  That’s what those links are for of course, so you can decide for yourselves.

Morris Major – Seymour Grove

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Saturday 8th October 2011: Birdhead, Edinburgh School for the Deaf & Plastic Animals play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.

More Limbo jollies, this time with plenty of guitar noise. I will be extremely interested to see what people make of Edinburgh School for the Deaf, now that co-vocalist and guitarist Kieran has moved to London.  The last time I saw them play, he battered his head off the wall at Henry’s and played his guitar so loud his fingers bled. Is it too much to demand that his replacement do at least as much?

Edinburgh School for the Deaf – Love is Terminal

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Saturday 8th October 2011: Emily Scott album launch with Yusuf Azak & Lorraine McCauley at The Third Door.

I believe The Third Door is the venue which used to be Medina, just downstairs from Negociants on Bristo Square. It was never a bad space before, although the PA was horrible, but that is all changing apparently, with a new system, new decor, a new layout and a new name all slowly being sorted out. Both Emily and Yusuf will be playing with added strings, so this should be a lush, gorgeous gig.

Yusuf Azak – The Key Underground

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Saturday 8th October 2011: Papi Falso at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Papi Falso isn’t a band, nor is it strictly a ‘club night’ per se, although I suppose it cleaves closer to the format of the latter than the former.  It is a bunch of interesting people with good taste in music playing records all evening, simple as that.  There is no obligation to make people dance or sing along, and the general guiding principle is, as far as I know (I’ve been drunk every time I’ve discussed it, sorry), eclecticism. Perfect, in other words, for those of us who love music, want to drink late and fucking hate night clubs.


Live in Edinburgh This Week – 11th July 2011

Most live scenes tend to peter out a little from late June/early July onwards as the Festival season starts to cannibalise what remains of the audience after the students have gone home, and people tend to take what little chance they get to be outside in the sun, if it ever appears, rather than in a sweaty basement listening to pale young men complaining about their feelings.

The Edinburgh live scene, on the other hand, tends not to be as dependent on students, not to have to fear too much from oft promised but never delivered good weather, but nevertheless to peter out for a different reason: the lumbering behemoth that is the Edinburgh Festival.

Now I don’t hate the Festival as much as a lot of locals, but I am nevertheless a little ambivalent.  Yes it’s awesome, yes it brings all sorts of cool stuff to the city for a month, but there are obviously some drawbacks.

Firstly, the practical.  If you are ever trying to get anything done in August, it’s a fucking nightmare.  People and shit everywhere, and everyone making the smug plea of those with nothing pressing to get done: ‘Just chill out man, it’s the festival dude, we’re on vaykayshun, relaaaax!’  No. It is Tuesday, and I have shit to do.  Get the fuck out of my way before I make you massively grateful for the Communist oppression of a functioning National Health Service.

Secondly, local music really does just have to stop.  There is no point a Scottish label or band releasing anything in August, as the local press simply haven’t a sliver of column space to devote to it.  Also, gigs tend to stop as well, because the Edge Festival won’t let any local bands they book play at all, anywhere else in August, venues are near-impossible to come by, local fans often turn their eyes and wallets to the more exotic imports and advertising against the maelstrom of confetti generated by the Festival is basically impossible.

Did I mention that I’m putting on four gigs at the Electric Circus in August?  What a dick.

Anyhow, Acoustic Edinburgh and The Retreat Festival have been brilliant over the last few years, and Electric Circus are following their lead this year: booking lots of local stuff and offering amazingly good deals on drinks too, so we can all afford to actually go.

This week, however, due to what I assume is pre-Festival wind-down, there is really not that much, except for the ever-reliable awesomeness of The Ides of Toad.  Yes, really, for once I am not joking.

Tuesday 12th July 2011: Out of the Bedroom at the Montague Bar.

Of the (admittedly relatively few) open mics I’ve attended in Edinburgh, Out of the Bedroom has been my favourite, and this week Lach will be playing.  Lach is the man who invented Antifolk and whose Antihoot open stage in New York launched the careers of the like of Beck, Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson.  He is moving to Edinburgh and releasing an album with us in a week or so (which should absolutely delight some people).

Lach – Stunned

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Thursday 14th July 2011: Papi Falso at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

This isn’t a gig, and I’m not sure I could even call it a club night really, more a late night drinking opportunity where some distinctly odd and distinctly excellent people will play distinctly odd and distinctly excellent music.  I wanted a night like this all through my twenties and have had to wait until I am thirty fucking five to actually find it.

Friday 15th July 2011: The Deadly Winters, Plastic Animals & The Oates Field at The Electric Circus.

Since Tallah and JP took over the booking at the Electric Circus they have really started to book some good stuff, including Live Lounge, which seems to be a lineup of good live music every Friday.  I don’t know the Deadly Winters, I have to confess, but the other two bands are very good indeed.

The Oates Field – Nae Luck (Jonnie Common’s Deskjob version)

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Saturday 16th July 2011: The Ides of Toad present Jesus H. Foxx, The Second Hand Marching Band and Pet at The Wee Red Bar.

Jesus H. Foxx have finished their album!  Yes, finished their fucking album, I kid you not!  This means that they will be out and about playing an awful lot more from now on, and that singles will be starting to appear in the Autumn.  Get in!  It sounds fucking great, too.  Add to this the beast that is The Second Hand Marching Band, and brand new Edinburgh popsters Pet and we have a great wee lineup for you.  Better get down early though, because there’s so many musicians in these bloody bands that they could end up pretty much filling the venue by themselves!

The Second Hand Marching Band – Paper Year (Demo)

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