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The Waiting Room 04.02.09

The Waiting Room

Mary Mother of Jesus up a pole. The nightmare continues.

This week’s well on time (as in assembled & ready) show was marred only by DCHQ’s onboard navigational equipment. During the process of uploading the podfile to this here podpage the hard drive of the studio computer had a fit & went to sleep. Then it wouldn’t wake up. Why won’t you wake up Mr. Drive? we sobbed. But he never did say, for he were asleep.

Turns out we’d fragged something pretty major in the configuration some time ago (something to do with me pissing about in the System files & deleting suspected virus strains) & over time/use Mr. Drive slowly grew sleepier & sleepier until he could keep his eyes open no more. Unfortunately that meant the show was stuck fast in the dreams of the comatose Mr. Drive. Boo! Hiss!

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