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Born to be Wide, BRNLV Festival, Scottish Music Awards and Wikio

I have a lot of scrappy little bits of news to bring you today, so I figured one post with lots of those new-fangled bullet-point things the corporations seem so excited about would be the best way to do it.  Where is my Powerpoint?  My clipart?  My laser pointer?

1. Born to Be Wide

This month’s Born to be Wide takes place on Thursday 5th May at the Electric Circus myself, Lloyd from Peenko, Jason from The Popcop and Scott from Frightened Rabbit will be discussing music blogs for your, er, education and entertainment. *cough* Stuffs. Tickets can be had here.  I am putting together a very quick presentation on how easy music blogs are to set up, the various platforms you can use, and one or two pointers on what to consider before starting.

2. BRNLV Festival

Brainlove Records are one of my favourite indie labels from down South, and they have very kindly invited a collection of Toad-related nonsense down to the BRNLV Festival on Saturday the 28th of May.  Meursault are going down to play, as is Rob St. John, and I will be DJing at the event as well.   If anyone wants to come up and say hello, I will presumably be the one with the beard who plays about half a dozen songs before politely being invited to return to the bar and resume drinking.

3. Scottish Music Industry Awards

Voting for the Scottish Music Industry Awards is open now.  Song, by Toad has been nominated for best blog, and Song, by Toad Records for best label, but there are loads of other Toad favourites there to be voted for, although they sadly rejected my nomination of this as best music video of the year.

4. Wikio UK Blog Rankings

My immediate reaction to praise tends to be mistrust.  I think this is mostly a reaction to the small part of me which immediately punches the air and goes ‘yessss, I am that awesome!’, and the need to keep that kind of vainglorious self-congratulation as under control as possible.  So I was reading about the Wikio blog rankings which placed this blog as the twelfth most read music blog in the UK across all genres and I have to confess my immediate reactions were all along the lines of who they’d missed out, how reliable their rankings were and anything else I could think to avoid taking the results at face value.  So the below results are nice, but ummm, I still kind of assume they can’t be right.

3 St. Peter’s View
4 Lil Wayne HQ
5 Alter The Press!
6 Matrixsynth
7 No Rock And Roll Fun
8 LondonJazz
9 Word Magazine blogs
10 Sweeping The Nation
11 Live4ever – The Brit Rock Daily
12 Song, by Toad
13 blog
14 We Plug G.O.O.D Music
15 Intermezzo
16 Southern Hospitality
17 Tom Service on classical music
18 Music & Tour News
19 We Are Pop Slags
20 Popjustice
Ranking made by Wikio